This was sent to me by Thames Valley Police

I was going to send this warning about the 'NICE' Cancer / Blood Test scam emails tomorrow, but I have had so many notifications, I am sending it out now.

It appears to be completely new and gone out by the thousands yesterday and today – this will only be the beginning:

Roger has sent it in. It appears to come from NICE:
We have been sent a sample of your blood analysis for further research.
During the complete blood count (CBC) we have revealed that white blood cells is very low, and unfortunately we have a suspicion of a cancer.

They then set out a table showing very low blood results, to make it sound more urgent.

They then suggest you print out your blood tests...’IN THE ATTACHMENT BELOW’....and visit your doctor.

It appears the email was very widespread:

Good afternoon Jeff,
Today I received a bogus email that plumbs new depths in an attempt to frighten recipients into opening their PCs to hackers.

The email purported to come from NICE & mentioned my abnormal blood test results that indicated cancer.

It went on to encourage me to click on an attached report & then to share the 'results' with my GP.

I have already alerted my GP practice so that others can be alerted through medical channels.

Best wishes,


Then amongst many others:

Hi Jeff

I received a scam email from NICE

Obviously, as you have told me time and again not to open a zip, I didn't.

This email was distressing as I have actually had extensive blood tests and was worried that I did have cancer.

As the email came from "" I went onto their website and (luckily) it states that there is a scam telling people they have cancer.

There are terrible people out there that want to extract money from you by sending zip's, but to suggest you have cancer is unbelievable. I just want to save someone else from the shock of receiving this.

My main concern is how did they know I've had blood tests. The email address it was sent to is now beyond the joke with over 10 scams per day sent to it.

Is it because I have looked on internet cancer sites?

Or because I have looked up blood test results ?

Thanks and keep up the great work.



Well Lynn is one person we can reassure – they know nothing about you at all. The emails are going to everyone randomly and if they hit someone who has a blood condition, they will possibly have struck gold. 99% will simply think this is nothing to do with me and bin it. The other 1% ?????

If you receive this email, DO NOT OPEN THE ATTACHMENT. BIN IT