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Thread: Advice on tench

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    Default Advice on tench

    I'm off fishing Saturday morning and wondered if anybody had any tips/advice on targeting tench? whats the best time of year for them? baits? and setup?

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    Bit late now spring is traditionally best time that said alot of well known tenchers disagree and good fish come out throughout the season have a trawl back through the forum for rig/bait advice... find em and feed em is my advice
    Audere est Facere

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    Hi there
    You can catch tench throughout the season, I've even had them in winter. My favourite approach is with a method feeder. (the newe ESP Mega feeders are great).
    I mix up a couple of kilos of mixed pellets (2mm to 8mm) and soak them with water to soften them enough that they bind, you might need to add some groundbait to bind if they won't hold on the feeder, (a mate of mine just adds an egg to the mix and it binds great to the method feeders). I add hemp, crushed up boilies and sweetcorn to this mix.
    I use a spomb to put out a bit of hemp and sweet corn and scatter a few 12mm boilies around. I fish with plastic corn or a 12mm boilie, casting the feeder every 30 minutes or so.

    I find the best spots are near weed beds, they also like the margins so a rod in the edge is also worth a go.. I've had some nice fish this year to 8lb on this method.
    Gareth Watkins

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    They are defo still on the munch, a guy I know had a great catch of 25 plus from a wild water here in ireland over the weekend...

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