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Thread: Can anybody help...

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    Question Can anybody help...

    Hi i am so so sorry to bother you all and if ive posted in the wrong place im not too good at this forum stuff,

    Im after abit of help/advice or maybe one of you could point me in the right direction.

    Me and my dad are members of an angling club (dad for over 12 years), alot of the members have a few concerns (far too many to go into) to the way the club is now being run (club has been handed over - never been a meeting to discus or vote) club funds are being used currently to make personal pegs for senior members. Our water is on an sssi site making this a big no go, also the club was never informed about our funds being used to rent diggers and buy the materials to make these pegs. We are being told we have no leg to stand on by the lease owners and that the club does not have to hold an AGM

    I need some information on angling club rules, firstly do they have to hold AGM's
    and can members request a copy of the accounts?

    Thank you so much for taking the time to read my post and for any help or advice you lovely lot can offer

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    Every club may be different, first port of call would be your copy of the clubs Rules and Constitution I would have thought. However without an AGM how do you elect your committee, how do rule changes get voted in, etc?

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    Is there anything in the rules about the mechanisms to call for an extraordinary AGM?
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