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Thread: Contact from new members.. Beware!

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    Default Contact from new members.. Beware!

    Just recenty we have had a few new members join and the first thing they want to do is post on the for sale board or try and get more information on something being sold or wanted to sell you something that you have advertised on the wanted section.

    There is a reason we have instated a rule regarding a minimum post count of 50 before they can post on the for sale section of this forum. However, they can still send PMs to you. My advise is not to deal with them if they are trying to sell you something that you have put up in the "Wanted" section of the forum at this stage unless it's face to face with cash passing hands. Making a payment up front has seen a few of our members ripped off with nothing that they can do about it.

    I have deleted a lot of replies, these would not of been seen by any forum members due to the 5 post rule that sees all new posts being monitored by mods before free posting, this was done to avoid spammers getting though but has now shown it is good for monitoring this problem.

    Over the last couple of months a good few new members have been joining just to reply to adverts in the for sale / wanted section asking details and making silly offers for items or saying that they have that item that is advertised in the wanted section and offering it at silly prices as well. If they have not got 50 posts they shouldn't be posting in that section and will get a message up when they try to post, it is then that they will contact you by PM if they have not already done so.

    We are doing our best to keep an eye on this and all mods have been informed regarding this problem but it is down to you if you are going to deal with them. We would also loke some feedback from you if you get PMs from new members. Some I am sure are genuine, but others may not be. If it doesn't feel right, the price is well cheap then perhaps there is an issue with that member.
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    alot of people like me are just trying to get into carp fishing i use the forums for ideas etc but also used tackle to build up my gear cheaply if i cannt get the gear i need i cant go fishing hence have nothing to talk about carp wise therfore my post count will remain low and i wont be able to buy gear as im not loaded 50 posts is a hell of alot
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    It's a fishing forum, the sale and swap boards are intended to be used by the regulars that have got to know each other, both in cyber world if you like and real life....if you just want to buy and sell then use one of the dedicated sites set up for that purpose.

    Get involved, make some mates (and the odd enemy) and sell or swap along the way, I'll be sending an item to a forum member free of charge in the next week or so, because he needs one, I've got a spare and he's posted plenty in the past without wanting to sell or buy.

    That's how this forum works, get involved and you'll learn loads, especially being new to the sport as you might also find that you buy the right gear for you because of it.
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    This thread positively answers the rather odd thread of "what does a mod do"
    Keep it at 50 posts to keep the sales within the forum community. Also if it's really cheap you should ask yourself is the tackle stolen? Ask for original boxes etc etc. If you don't you can't moan when you wake up and find your own gear nicked.

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