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  1. Already sold it mate

    Already sold it mate
  2. Deep Cycle Outboard Battery + Power Centre Box

    Numax XV31MF Heavy Duty Ultra Deep Cycle Leisure Marine Battery 12V 110Ah

    This is a top quality maintenance-free Ultra Deep Cell marine battery that I bought 8 months ago to use with my Minn...
  3. Sold.

  4. 55 posted.

    55 posted.
  5. Ace i3 Receiver - Boxed and with all the accessories.

    Ace i3 Receiver for sale. In original box with Receiver Stand and Bivvy Magnet. In excellent condition, I've been keeping this as a spare as I already have 4 of the alarms plus another receiver. I'm...
  6. Good deal for someone here. Took me a year to...

    Good deal for someone here. Took me a year to find mine and usually sell for more..
  7. Sold

  8. 3 complete sets of JAG Safeliners in 316 stainless + extras +

    I'm selling my Jag Safeliners as I've changed my setup. These are the 316 Stainless versions and are 3 complete sets in mint condition. Comprising the heads, isotopes and hockey sticks. In addition...
  9. Sold

  10. Jag Prolite Safe Liner Indicators - 3 complete sets

    Jag Prolite Safe Liner Indicators. 3 complete sets including the indicators, hockey sticks and isotopes. Mint condition. Cost 112. Sell for 50 posted.
  11. Sold.

  12. All sold.

    All sold.
  13. Stealth Bait Boat with or without fishfinder

    Reluctant sale of my Stealth Bait Boat which is being sold with or without the fishfinder.

    Boat specs.
    Proper old school boat made by Steve Mann who I understand water tested these on the Solent...
  14. Still.for sale

    Still.for sale
  15. Sold

  16. 3 x MCF Rattlers Mark 2 + Presentation case

    3 x MCF Rattler Mark 2 indicators + presentation case in good condition. Cost nearly 70 new.

    32 posted.

    More info here:

  17. 3 x Delkim TXI plus's + Delkim Snag Ears + RX Pro Receiver +3 x Slimlite bobbins

    3 x Delkim TXI plus's + Delkim Snag Ears + RX Pro Receiver. Delkim heads In Red, White and Purple. Delkim Snag Ears are also included for each. Comes complete with the RX Pro receiver, 3 hard cases,...
  18. Replies

    Pm for you

    Pm for you
  19. Replies

    pm for you.

    pm for you.
  20. Replies

    pm for you.

    pm for you.
  21. Sold.

  22. Pjacko1983 i received your message but can't...

    Pjacko1983 i received your message but can't reply because you're a new member and may not have set up your account. Bivvy and Overwrap still available. Bargain for someone.
  23. Reduced to 120.

    Reduced to 120.
  24. Cyprinus Cyprimax bivvy RARE 1 man + wrap

    I bought this second hand a few months with a plan in mind but it hasn't happened, and I really need to make some space in the garage now. I took the pictures at the weekend and the bivvy isn't fully...
  25. See you tomorrow mate.

    See you tomorrow mate.
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