View Full Version : St Patricks Stream Season 08/09

16-06-2008, 15:06
Catch Reports Only Please

17-06-2008, 16:41
16th June 2008 730-11pm
Disappointed to find the river very coloured when I arrived as I was looking forward to some clearwater fish spotting! Also, had to contend with a herd of nervous bullocks parading up and down behind me all evening but it was good to be back at my favourite fishery.
Stuck a boilie under a nearside bush (perhaps I should have placed it in the water as it remained untouched by anything fishy!) and persisted with the maggot feeder over hemp despite the colour and plucked a feisty 6lbish Bream out at dusk to save a blank. Then switched that rod over to strawberry flavoured meat (Wimbledon is around the corner!) but nothing took a fancy to it (perhaps I should have brought some Cream!)
Anyway, the 5 others who walked past me at various points in the evening had been down there all day and not had a touch! One complained that he "hadn't even seen a single Kingfisher so something must be wrong with the water!!" All I know is I still hate full moons!!

13-09-2008, 16:29
I spent a few hours on St Pats today, The river was coloured and a bit higher than normal. But when I packed up the water had began to drop back a little. No fish caught , just one lost, a Barbel I think going by the way it sped off.

10-12-2008, 09:47
3rd Nov.
River carrying a fair bit of water.
Managed 2x chub, best - 4lb 14oz.

Week later - Similar conditions, 1x eel, 2x chub, best - 3lb 8oz.

8th December
River fining down a little (down about a foot, and managing to hold bottom in margins with just a swan shot) water temp = 41.9F
Just one bite in what looked ideal conditions (though I was only there on a quick session) 5lb 1oz chub.

15-12-2008, 14:56
Am sitting next to a flooded St. Pats fishing for chub.
Restricted to car park swims (forgot waders) due flooded banks, but water temp up at 43.7f