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08-12-2000, 05:32
How many of you Forum junkies(it's adictive) make use of their PC to buy Braid or it could be other tackle items direct from the states.The prices over here are so much higher and as usual it's rip off Britian.A friend brought me some Spiderwire Fusion back from the states in 14lb at the princely sum of $5.99 for 150 meters converted to real money it was £4.Try buying over here for that sort of money.Any one interested try Tackletogo.com or the BassPro sites.You will be amazed.

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08-12-2000, 08:33
I buy most of my line, both braid and mono from the US, but not over the net. I did some sums a while back and the shipping costs meant that there wasn't much difference in US and UK price, maybe this has changed now ? I am fortunate in having friends and family who visit there on a frequent enough basis to keep me stocked up. And you're right the prices are excellent.


08-12-2000, 09:48
The good point made here is that in fact unless you're buying in bulk....the shipping costs make it futile effort!
Chip in with your mates though,and save yourself buckets.

My friend is just about to take in a consignment of braid from a member of his staff who is due back from the States........she doesn't know a thing about fishing so lord knows what he'll get!!......fluro yellow braid anyone?


16-12-2000, 17:58
I have bought braid from the states on the net and even with the postage it was half the price of over here in the tackle shop.

23-12-2000, 02:09
I found 300 metre spools of spiderwire for $45 including P&P it's £60 in my local shop, but i lost the web site and despite several attempts at finding again can't - ain't it always the way!

23-12-2000, 03:23
Try tackletogo.com or probass I think thats right