View Full Version : Blue Pool (light relief)

28-07-2002, 13:19
Having read the reports on blue pool i thought it would be a nice lake for some easy fishing with my light rods.
What a mistake that was. Talk about being under gunned. My 1:1/4 Test curve powermesh rods were no match for those fish.I had to change up to my infinerty 2:3/4 test rods.
I thought i would be catching small doubles with the odd larger double thrown in for luck. Instead the average size was upper doubles with the best being 22lb. In three short afternoon sessions i had 17 takes. What a great fun water with some great hard fighting fish where i can remember what a carp looks like.

29-07-2002, 06:06
Excellent mate, what were you bagging on?

29-07-2002, 08:43
Terriffic result matey.!!!

Those fish go BALLISTIC don't they? I had 4 doubles yesterday, when in the sun I wasn't expecting ANYTHING to be feeding. Every fish scrapped like it was hooked for the very first time. Top fishery, very pretty, as credit to RMC.

PS. I recall a poster telling me why anyone would want to use 2.75lb tc rods on the Bluey. Maybe he's never caught a carp from there!!

29-07-2002, 09:29
Most of my fish were caught on fishmeal boilies over carp pellets. With a couple caught on the method with vitalin.

29-07-2002, 14:59
Was down there yesterday, but didn't quite get my tactics right, given the heat. Should've started fishing off the top a lot earlier. But a lovely fishery.


15-08-2002, 16:49
I thought that boilies were banned from there?

I might be wrong but that was definately the impression I got!

15-08-2002, 17:20
Boilies are banned on the burghfield match lake but u can use them on the blue pool...that's what it says in the rules anyway so i guess they're right.....

16-08-2002, 11:42
Is there anywhere on this web site where I can find out some details on this venue, (looked under RMC Venues could'nt see anything for day tickets) Just wanted a map and so on!!
Sounds great and I would love to put some fish in my landing net!

16-08-2002, 13:01
Go to RMC venues mate and the day ticket waters are down the bottom.


16-08-2002, 13:45
Durrr...Sorry my friend could'nt see for looking!!
Thanks again!