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20-07-2002, 14:16

I need guidance as to what could be conceived as a bast buy for a bed chair.

Wjilst it may seem to see some fishing action it is more likely to be a put me up at home thereby being dual function.

Whilst price is not important, expensive does not necessarily mean good value.

Swan Vesta

20-07-2002, 14:55
terry hearn stealth 3 leg just dropped from £279-£190 get one while you can. ##### star luxery..LOL.

20-07-2002, 15:50
have a look at the new trakker bedchair very nice for the money!
3 leg/padded/low/mudfeet and tackle pouch not to mention very firmly sprung mattress!!
all for £99.99....................

20-07-2002, 20:26
i see you went to the same school as horse!.....lol
cant go wrong with the chub range of chairs

21-07-2002, 07:33
did`nt get the joke there daytime/forum/images/icons/crazy.gif???????????????

21-07-2002, 15:23
terry hearn stealth is well recomended as well as being comfy its strong good for the larger lad like me self and if u fish under an oval brolley its lower so u can set your brolley lower in bad conditions or just get it further underneath

21-07-2002, 15:28
i have an original nash twin-ratchet bed circa '98, lovely and wide, no leaks yet /forum/images/icons/wink.gif

does this disqualify me from joining scaley's group? or does stuff from the pre-imported [censored] era let me get away with it?

21-07-2002, 19:32
did a total of around eight months of nights on one of them, don't think even Scaley could belittle that achievement! the chub savay and cassien are pretty tough if a little heavy but good n comfy

22-07-2002, 08:49
Get the fox ultra chair, I have had one about 4 years they are so light and comfitable

22-07-2002, 09:16
if you have a tackle box catalogue it states the weights of the fox & jrc bedchairs as well.

22-07-2002, 20:25
Seen the new Wychwood bed with side chair attachment today,all aluminium frame,very light,all for £99!!

22-07-2002, 21:36
don't mess around go to your tackle shop & get a jrc 3 leg cocoon bed chair ,lightweight.strong,stable,extremely comfy,integral removable pillow,i have the best nights sleep in mine because my buzzers never bloody make any noise!! ps dont pay anymore than £150 if u shop around you can pick one up for £140 well worth the money!!!!!!

23-07-2002, 10:19
damn what's yours made of then? my jrc 2 leg cocoon, is heavy, not strong and has broken a couple of times?
but yes comfy. mine weighs over 7 kilos, my old fox weighed 3 kilos?

I think some people on here haven't been carping to long!
the old fox bedchairs were shorter, norrower and very light, not anymore now they are big a cubersome, like all other bedchairs on the market today.

24-07-2002, 08:48
I had to open my big mouth didn't I!!!!

yes my wonderful JRC snapped AGAIN last night!
twice in three years, built to last their stuff!!!

anyone got JRC's number handy?

29-07-2002, 09:49
i was just about to order one changed my mind now /forum/images/icons/smile.gif