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06-12-2000, 19:41
I use mainly GR6o in 8lbs unless the swim I am fishing is snaggy then I switch to Gardner 15lb braid. The reason I have changed to GR60 is that compared to other monos I have used over the years it is nice and supple as well as being a bit stonger than it says on the packet. eg the eight I have tested broke at just over ten pounds but it still has the diameter of some other lines of six or eight pounds.

The Gardner braid that I have been using is the best braid I have used as far as it sinking is concerned. For marginal or near snag fishing this is important. I have tried some other braids and it is very annoying to cast out, let all settle and then to notice that your line is floating on the surface.

06-12-2000, 21:03
daiwa sensor in 15 and 12 also used 8 for surface good reliable line cheap at 7 quid so i can keep changing it

07-12-2000, 11:05
On the subject of line...(I use Trilene big game or Hercules braid),...can anyone tell me the merits of the 'new' ESP carp line. I was a lucky monkey and won two 1000yd spools of it in 10 & 12lb. I hope it's good as I've got soooooo much!



07-12-2000, 12:13
i use the gr60 for the snag fishing and synergy for the open water distance casting,both strong as hell.

07-12-2000, 22:30
shimano technium.

no, really, i like it...!

08-12-2000, 05:24
Either 12lb Diawa Senor or 12lb GR60 depending on where I'm fishing.For Long range I use SpiderWire Fusion 14lb with and ESP leader.I buy this over the internet from the states because of the difference in price.

08-12-2000, 14:58
Big game in 15lb, or I've come into a little money then Dan C's is THE best choice. The XT is the business, I use it in the 14lb normally but it is pricey.
Used the synergy one year, never again. Loads of twist and crap abbrasion resistance despite what anyone may say.


19-03-2001, 19:55
ive just bought some 12 lb trilene big game
seems ok
never used the stuff b4
it seems similar to pro gold
bit cheaper aswell

19-03-2001, 21:38
I don't use anything else... use it for Trout fishing as a leader and never had a crack off... I use it from 3lb up to 15lb for most fishing... good for casting, abrasion resistant and excellent for knotting.


20-03-2001, 07:23
I've started using 10lb GR60, seems to be very good.

20-03-2001, 13:02
Used Big Game for years, Ian's spot on, tough, cheap and does the job (the line not Ian). By the way any little tricks people use for spooling up - I still get some twist whatever I do.

20-03-2001, 13:43
I use maxima line. It's the best

20-03-2001, 16:56
hi smarts,

I got esp line in the 15lb version and is it brilliant.
Its the best.


20-03-2001, 17:29
and is it brilliant

Hi James....I assume the above part of your post was meant to read as 'IT IS brilliant' ?!
The 15lb,I would imagine,bring down a tree!!
Bring on the cats this summer!


20-03-2001, 18:51

yep, you are write smarts, it is mean't to say it is brilliant.
Thanks for spotting that because someone would have bitten my head off.


21-03-2001, 10:04
Pete, about the line twist. On the CarpWise vids Gardner Tackle do an experiment. Spooling up a reel different ways, and for the minimum twists they advise you to take the line off the side of the spool anti-clockwise, so it goes on the reel clockwise. Hope this helps.

24-03-2001, 12:47
Used to be Big Game for me though now a GR60 convert and a far superior line in my opinion. Excellent gear in 12lb or 15lb depending on the situation, doesn't twist as much, tough as old boots and not too stretchy so ideal for snags.

Hope this helps.