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24-01-2007, 21:28
Evenin' all,
Im thinking of using a flavouring over my bait which isnt the same as that of the boilie or pellets or anything, but so that it will be a good sign of that bait being mine if you see what i mean?!
I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions on how much liquid would be needed to not overpower the bait but to give a subtle punch, per kilo of particle, pellet boilie mix??
Also any advice on a liquid would be good as if the inclusion rate of liquid needs to be quite high, a fairly cheap liquid would be needed.

Cheers alot

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24-01-2007, 21:29
molasses? v sweet an very cheap

24-01-2007, 21:30
an amino based liquid would be ideal cant really over do that, personally wouldnt go with an artifical flavour

24-01-2007, 21:32
I thought about mollases but was looking for something abit more subtle.
The amino liquids? Any gooduns about? Prices??

24-01-2007, 21:34
such a minimino and multimino can get 500ml for around £8ish

24-01-2007, 21:36
csl? hemp oil? loads to choose from really minamino would be a good choice

24-01-2007, 21:37
Oooh righty. How much would you recommend per kilo fella?

24-01-2007, 21:45
you can add as much as you like really with the natural liquids mention realy. down to personall preference i spose. ive never really measured jus keep adding untill you get the desired effect

25-01-2007, 19:57
I have been told that Bovril or marmite are good strong flavours to use is this true? if so how much would you use in a litre of water?
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25-01-2007, 20:06
Marmite etc is good as a boilie dip a bit viscus to cover baits etc I personaly use the new knorr stock cubes try drinking on really salty and moreish i use 2/3 cubes to a litre of water and i mix my groundbait with it etc.

25-01-2007, 22:03
im with goodey....why flavour your particles/pellet/boilies...?????

Labelling is all very well, but its not nutritional, is it? Thats the important thing. Flavour labels are just pH or alcohol-oxidation by-products at best. And although they may make your bait stand-out in the short-term, carp will soon differentiate the label danger.

So...natural soaks that at least offer something that they need. Molasses is a good one....CSL, and hemp oil....salmon oil....

Personally, I would just use the very cheap option of salt and/or sweetener and/or spicy.

Try adding cayenne pepper (or chilli) to your particles...wth some salt...or just use a sweetener. And a bit of oil.

Experimentation is the key - but just adding amino liquid is the expensive option for particles/pellets.

25-01-2007, 23:34
remember too much oil in a mix with hemp for too long will make it float