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04-12-2000, 19:33
After remembering the fright the fighting Badgers gave me how about some spooky stories.

04-12-2000, 21:22
a couple of years ago a friend and i where fishing in windsor park ,it was late about 11pm on a clear september night .
we sat next to each other drinking tea across from us was a tree lined arm about 60 yards away ,i was looking out across to a gap in the bushes when a white non see through object about the hight of a person appeared it was like some one in a white long cloak, no face arms nothing .it moved out into the lake and hovered about the water ,the water gently rippled under neath , whats that i said pointing ,dont know my mate replyed mist maybe he said ,then he stared as the objet moved back to the gap and went along the path dissapering behind the trees, leaving a riple on the lake which slowly came towards us in the bright moon surfaces ,we both sat there looking towards the area for about 5 min the my mate said 11.15 shall we pack up , ok its gone dead i said ,within 5 mins we had both packed up and where of at some speed not even to look at the couple in the rocking car on the way out , what it was i dont know or care ,,,,, there out there you know

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04-12-2000, 21:30
I didn't think night fishing was allowed in the Royal Parks?

05-12-2000, 19:34
I was night fishing at Pippingford lakes near East Grinstead and it is used for Army Traing and of course the lake they called the Army Lake was the best so I fished that one. I baited heavilly as I usually do at 3am for the early morning session and to my delight there were a mass of bubbles coming up, I was quite excited untill a bloody frogman emerged and scared the [censored word] out of me, I had visions of it being the swamp thing..... we live and learn.


05-12-2000, 20:52
your not ,but it dose'nt stop people the latest i fished was about 12 ish . the following year i stayed just in to darkness as the carp fell just before or just after dark 10 min either side

06-12-2000, 10:22
could have been herne the hunter! he was robin hoods advisor and sage. he now haunts windsor park for some reason.

i wonder if he has an honorary bailiff ticket?


06-12-2000, 20:55
all bailiffs creep round just to check for that 3 rod ,it probaly was him

07-12-2000, 18:18
a few years ago i was fishing on the crayfish pool i was up a tree when i heard what sounded like a hores runnining in the field behind ,it wasn't but the people who lived in the big house with the fields bloody big doberman 10 minutes latter still up the tree i looked down and there he was sitting looking up at me drooling. i stayed up that tree for 3 bloody hours with no rods out a group of carp mooching about in front of me ,and bloody muttly from the hound of the baskaviels grining at me , when he went in for dinner i went .