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26-02-2001, 12:44
hello calling all armchair fisherman-did anyone actually get there rods out this weekend or were you all supping on horlix infront of ya screens.

26-02-2001, 12:53
I did!
I was the only fool fishing the Split at Yateley.Actually it was lovely and warm out of the wind and in the sun....just bad carping weather.
I had nothing but the buzzer went once and the rod top was knocking,but I put this down to the wind. When I reeled in the single pop-up it had been pulled from the band and the band snapped.Must be ferocious turtles or something!
On a recast to the same spot I reeled in to find my hooklength severed about halfway!
I was using a stiff link which is unmarked of any abrasions etc..(35lb Shocking),with a pop-up link of flurocarbon.
If it was a rough lake bed or snag then surely my stiff link or main line would have been damaged too?...any ideas?

Maybe a pike munched it on the retreive as this is happening a lot there and I did feel a touch of resistance halfway through bringing it in but put it down to weed as it went straight through.


26-02-2001, 13:07
DID I Bollox-way to many social occasions happening plus i gotta reserve my energy for Kingsmead and my new lake i am on in April,ate plenty of honey nut loops though-mmmmmmmm Honey flavoured milk ha ha u know it makes total sense.

26-02-2001, 13:20
Nope, out on the lash, large, Friday, Saturday chilled wit da sport ting, then Sunday had a big day on the Vin Rouge.


26-02-2001, 13:34
I have been on Redesmere the past three weekends. We have had sonw, fog, rain, ice etc.......

Woke up on Sunday morning to find the lines frozen in and three inches of snow.


Back again in the week!!

26-02-2001, 18:30
Spent all day saturday stomping up and down the River Lee at fishersgreen.Had a bite second cast and that was that.I suppose the exercise did me good.The Boss mentioned Golf next weekend.

26-02-2001, 18:46
went down the Mole friday, had a nice roach and A gorgeous chub, rest of weekend had my boy over,it was his 8th birthday sunday, was going to go tomorrow, but the rivers closed now.
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27-02-2001, 20:26
Fished last Wednesday and Saturday on the Split without a single bite. The buzzers only sounded when the wind swept through. Still it was quite pleasant watching the birdlife, even if the Canada geese were going berserk on the Wednesday!

One day I might even get a bite.....
and then I might even land a fish!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

27-02-2001, 20:30
have you fished there much?
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andy rooke

28-02-2001, 12:53
Rooky.....I can answer this one!

Boo and I have fished there for far too long without the results to reward it.

This shows we are really dedicated/stupid.......delete where applicable.

The potential is huge and the rewards are out there..............

Beam me up,


28-02-2001, 14:54
G Child, hope you dont mind me asking, but is your new water in the Cambs area? I seem to remember you mentioning a water on a previous topic which fitted the description of a lake I have recently fished. If so I may have some info if your interested.
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01-03-2001, 14:47
I've had the flu all week, its totally laid me up. Been as sick as a dog, this is the first time i've logged on in over a week. Hope none of you lot get it, this is the sickest i have ever felt(apart from the time with my brother lol)/images/forum/icons/cool.gif/images/forum/icons/cool.gif


01-03-2001, 15:52
Not very often. I only joined RMC in November but have fished regularly at Yateley since then. I have only fished the Split about five times in all BUT I intend to stick it out until I do manage to catch something!