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24-02-2001, 19:03
I would just like to say thankyou to Brian (cb2)
for all the hard work that he done today at Chigborough
Thanks Brian

24-02-2001, 19:05
Looking forward to getting up there in the summer mate !


25-02-2001, 09:33
Well done guys, sorry I couldn't make it! Hope to help out soon. Looking forward to fishing the lakes too.

26-02-2001, 07:41
Brian it is a rule
looks like we will have to do what i said number the swims and put there names by the numbers so we will know who left the rubbish and warn them that next time they we be BANNED !!! /images/forum/icons/mad.gif

26-02-2001, 12:40
Could be dangerous ground that Gary, say I fish a numbered swim for the day and once I've left the guy next to me dumps a load of his rubbish in my swim.. you then contact me, slap my wrist... I ain't gonna be pleased... don't quite know what can be done though?


26-02-2001, 13:36
Thing is clive if you don't start trying to stop people leaving rubbish then you might as will give up and let them do as they want the idea of the numbers is that they will hopefully think before leaving there rubbish because they know that we will have a name to go with the swim number that they are in

26-02-2001, 17:42
Don't even give them a warning... ban them for the rest of the season.... it is a know rule, no litter.


26-02-2001, 21:24
Tony, I go back to the point I made above... from your point of view I would be banned? But I do agree Gary that you have to have a strong NO LITTER policy or else the certain few amongst us that feel the need to dump their crap on the bank will spoil it for us all.
I am sure, like yourself, am fed up with the number of times I've picked up discarded line sometimes with hooks attached and had to take it home and dispose of it properly.
I love my fishing, but also love everything that goes with it... the countryside, the wildlife, the whole feel of being out there, and to think of some animal, let alone another angler, impaled on an old hook... well I'm sure you feel the same.

OK Tony, you're right, ban them!


26-02-2001, 21:34
The thing with the litter policy has to be harsh in my eyes.... What I do normally if I am in a swim for a lenth of time is to hang a bag over a bank stick and put all my rubbish in it, I also cut up any discarded line into bits as when that is put in a bin it ends up on a rubbish heap somewhere and some poor crow or sea gull is gonna cop it.

It is a hard rule to administer but if there is solid proof the culprits should be reported to the boss and he should deal with them in which ever way he feels.

Due to the litter problem we are not alowed to carry plastic bottles or cans now... that is a right pain as I don't like openeing different cans and putting it in food bags to take with me... if there were stronger penalties then it would be better for all of us.


26-02-2001, 21:56
Hi Clive having just spent all day on Saturday removing two burnt out cars and a skip load of rubbish from Chigborough
and then the next day Brian having also spent the day with me on saturday having to pick up more rubbish, i think that we are justified in wanting to ban anyone caught leaving rubbish! As Bailiffs we are there to help people to catch fish and to keep the place tidy but there comes a point when enough is enough.We don't ask much just that people take their litter home with them.

26-02-2001, 22:07
That's right.. most of us have frikking great tackle bags so whats wrong with putting the rubbish straight back in them and taking it home!
As for reporting it to the boss, well you're probably right again, I remember a few seasons ago when a mate of mine was a member and we used to fish Sutton at Hone (Lakes 1 & 3) he arrived one day to find 3/4 kids climbing some of the trees, yelling, shouting and breaking branches off, basically creating a disturbance, so he eventually found out who the baliff was... and lo and behold it turns out it was the baliffs kids!!
So I think it should be reported and dealt with from the top (sorry Ian!).


26-02-2001, 22:44
Well done Mr Swan Vesta (cb2) good effort in maintaining your fishery.Next time don't wear that bloody hat.Oh yeah and mind the swinging chairs in the pubie the wife in a bad mood.

27-02-2001, 09:14
I remember one water that i used to fish where you were banned if any rubbish was found in your swim. Obviously you had to be caught with it when you were there but they would ban you even if the rubbish wasnt yours. This sounds hard but it was only agro for the first few weeks because after a while the water was all tidyied up as anglers had to tidy the swim they were fishing. Then after a while there was no rubbish to pick up.


27-02-2001, 11:24
This policy works.
It's not your fault if you turn up,but takes 5 mins for a look see around the swim.What REALLY annoys me is the length people go to HIDE the rubbish!!
The effort they put to this is unbelievable!
I put my rubbish in a bag of box as I go...e.g..empty groundbait or boilie bag or cake box etc...(everyone likes cake...don't they?!).It's no hassle to chuck it in the unhooking mate when going home and straight into the dustbin when unloading the car!

Keep it clean,


27-02-2001, 16:43
I just can't understand some anglers, actully i change that, they are [censored] [censored]. Surley the empty tins/packets are lighter with the contents eaten.
So why the bloodly hell can't you [censored] take your [censored] litter home with you.

Ah....I feel better now, shame most of that will proberly be edited.

Paulm /images/forum/icons/wink.gif

27-02-2001, 21:57
Wow! I think my ears have melted...

Clive /images/forum/icons/blush.gif

28-02-2001, 09:30
I posted this elsewhere too but thought Id stick my oar in on this one as well. lolI dont think some of you are getting the point here. Even if you change swims there should be no litter left behind you when you go. The policy of banning people who leave litter is pretty easy really, if there is litter in your swim as you are packing up then you should be banned whether it is yours or not. Once this had been implemented for a while there should be hardly any litter at all. I know it seems hard but it is the only real way to get rid of the problem.

As to banning glass or tins I really dont see the point as if someone is going to leave litter then they are more likely to dump anything that they arent sposed to have on them arent they? It is difficult in one way and that is if the bailiffs cant be there a lot of the time, which they cant as it is impracticle then it is impossible to know who was in which swim last but, if someone is in a swim and it has rubbish in it, then they should be or have picked it up and packed it to take away. Harsh but the only way to do it really.


28-02-2001, 12:08
Andy my point exactly Leave no litter if you walk around a fishery and see a chisp packet or a bag pick it up it don't hurt
take it home or find a bin
Because from now on at chigborough any rubbish left in a swim the last angler in the swim will be held responsible for it,And will be reported to rmc

01-03-2001, 14:31
Can anyone tell which is the real 'Brian'.

Maybe this could be the next competition......lol

Paulm /images/forum/icons/wink.gif