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01-12-2000, 12:04
A PASSION FOR ANGLING VIDEOS wanted, They are no longer avalible in this country. So finding them is proving very difficult.

01-12-2000, 13:39
I'd better keep hold of my copies then /images/forum/icons/smile.gif

Have you tried HMV / Virgin / WHSmith ?


01-12-2000, 15:49
I`ve tried everywhere incuding the BBC but they all told me they no longer take orders.
bit of a nightmare really!.

01-12-2000, 17:40
They were being advertisng in the Angling press a while ago. Will try and dig out the number.

13-12-2000, 10:22
How many sets have you got ian!. Surely you can give up 1 set.
Name your price!.

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25-12-2005, 21:18
You can the dvd version from Hugh Miles Devon way somewhere may still have video as well.

25-12-2005, 22:18
i have a spare 'A PASSION FOR ANGLING' video, they also came out on single video's as well.
i have a spare copy of REDMIRE LEGENDS &amp; CHILDHOOD DREAMS for sale.
all are very very rare so make me an offer Via a PM

28-12-2005, 00:16
Got a spare passion for angling box set containing the 2 videos if anyone wants to make me an offer. You can buy them direct from hugh miles on dvd for £35 if thats any good to you! you cant get them on video anymore mind. Ive got the address in the house , so will send you it.