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24-03-2002, 21:13
anyone got any info with regard to carp stocks costs and can you nightfish

25-03-2002, 09:22
i'm still to find out the stocks, but you can night fish the water, it' a club water, can't remember by who at the moment though. post it next week, unless someone does b4 hand. Some nice lumps to be had from there. Lot of bream anglers fish it, seem top blokes.

25-03-2002, 10:05
dont know much about the lagoon, other than there are huge bream in there, 15lb +
the small pond next to it has dont quite a few carp, nothing huge being about low 20's but good funn in the snaggy little water,
think it's on stewartby's ticket although not 100%


25-03-2002, 10:29
Big fish in there, remember it had done some mid 30's ten odd years ago.

Tough one cause of it's size, hard work but the rewards are there...........definately!!!


25-03-2002, 18:49
At least mid 30s,Amthill angling I think, or a simular name.

25-03-2002, 19:29
were is it ????????

25-03-2002, 20:10
the biggest fish i think is the stunner that alrounder martin bowler had at 35lb+ named "red ....."

Theres a pic in carpworld 138,page 229,

25-03-2002, 20:40
brog is run by ampthill a.c and operates on a night syndicate ticket.carp stocks are difficult to judge but i would say 100 fish .a 30 pound common has been out and you have one of the hornest carp ever last out at 35-4.to a ever so lucky angler.yes it is the fish in carpworld.rumours of a big common but aint there always.the big mirror was out 3 years ago so maybe getting near 40.if you want a mystery water go a little further down the road and u will find stewartby.seen some good fish and totally untapped,probably got a stocking from elstow a long time ago.

25-03-2002, 20:45
well done on that fish martin,its a mega looking pic in Carpworld!

26-03-2002, 09:28
stewartby is run by stewartby working mans club.costs about 20 pound.you need to be proposed.suggest u ask in the tackle shop in dunstable the guys are members,good lads.be lucky.

26-03-2002, 12:41
is that the water with all the dead trees at one end of lake. If so looks pukka water, had a wonder around there a few years ago

26-03-2002, 12:51
no i think your on about another ampthill a.c water called marston.it has potential though.all those waters around elstow are worth a look as many years ago when elstow was full of doubles and singles alot of fish got moved around.