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19-03-2002, 21:17
hi all i am thinking about doing some short day/night sessions,and i keep hearing about sandhurst,any info on this lake would be most appreciated,depths,fish stock, etc , dont want to harass u boyz so just whatever u can give away will be cool.

keepin it sweet........dude

19-03-2002, 22:20
Hello mate,
Sandhurst isn't going day ticket till June 16th....
Might want to ask for some info closer to the time, I am sure people will help you and it will be more relevant then



20-03-2002, 12:10
hey hey smokey !!!! with a name like that an aplication form for the hood may well be coming your way ! sandhurst chappy dont know to much myself but would defo suggest speaking to some of the hardcore regulars..loadsa fish in there matey and a few of the originals from years gone by i think..
keep it continum transfunctioner !!


20-03-2002, 12:22
cheers mate it suits my life style. so whats the hood all about and what is the continuos transfunctioner all about is this some new kind of tackle

20-03-2002, 14:47
If your local Sandhurst will be perfect for the short session angler. Depth wise, if you take an average i would say approx. 4ft, there are areas down to 9ft and shallows of 2ft. Fish stock is in the region of 400, icluding approx. 40 originals. Lake record (confirmed) is a 32lb+ common, there are rumours though of a 34lb mirror.....only rumours at the moment though, but more than possible. The fish are stunning, many uncaught and many now in the low-twenty bracket.
At the moment they are not responding too well to the weekend pressure, although i don't think that they've really "turned on" properly just yet, when they do all hell breaks loose.
The weed can be quite bad, and you do lose a few due to hook pulls, these fish are VERY strong and power through the weed when hooked, and before anyone ask's 9 out 10 times you just can't stop them.
Most methods work, top baits seem to be the Ice Red, NRG, & growlers score well also. (Prepare them properly)
All in all a stunning fishery, and one to keep an eye on in the future, destined to be one of the finest in the country.
All the best

21-03-2002, 12:57
Pellet's another good bait and the Method works well. I agree with Cash's point about the fish being strong......they're animals and will flat rod you along the margins.......Luuuuvvverly!

Don't be scared by the weed, you can catch right in it, (be sensible!), and a good method is to find the far side of the weedbed so your line etc...is in it and your bait on the clear channel.

21-03-2002, 14:10
Do not be worried about bream, there is only one and Smarts keeps it in his swim so that he doesn't blank... He has performed cybernetic surgery on it and can control it remoteley so it follows him round the lake........

Sorry Smarts, couldn't resist! See you soon,

21-03-2002, 14:15
ha ha ha THERAPY ! like it jedi like it.
am i correct in saying that him and cash have been entered in the RMC Bream awards..under the catorgry of
"still didnt blank though did i" ha ha ha oohh me sides.


21-03-2002, 14:40
I am the PEST CONTOLLER.....the original Rentokil boy.........

I'm only doing it for you guys...../images/forum/icons/blush.gif

21-03-2002, 15:46

Sandy's given me three bream in 2 weekends, AND I took a photo of one of them (my first ever bream LOLOLOLOL, but not my last!!)

But if its quality, not quantity you're looking for a certain someone had a 9lb12 bream the other day from the pontoon swim..........

Smarts - you sure you didn't 'bless' my rods last time we saw you????

21-03-2002, 16:41
Oooo......I may had touched your rod, (or was it mine?.../images/forum/icons/wink.gif), and passed on the curse of the RMC bream master.

If I remember rightly though, I had five out of the Split to 9.5lb the same time.......it looks like the curse remains, only it'll turn into tench soon....I'm already off on that front!!

21-03-2002, 21:44
Rod blesser.......

Dave wouldn't let me weigh mine, but I'd guess that 1 was 4 1/2 and the others about 6ish.... /images/forum/icons/wink.gif

Looks like you are still Chief Pest Controller !!!

You out this weekend on the other side??

Me, 20 hours and counting till the next instalment LOLOL