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19-02-2001, 14:13
Hiya again,

I have had an Abu rucksack type bag for many years now and although it has a big carrying capacity it is very uncomfortable to carry for too far. I wanted to have a look around for a different rucksack / carryall that could maybe be separated so that on a stalking session I could take just the neccessities but if I was out for a bit longer then i could use the whole bag. I wondered what you chaps and chapettes used and what you thought of them. Some are really uncomfortable to carry and some are just not designed to keep all those bits and pieces we carry safely separated so that they dont get damaged. Hopefully the bags wouldnt be too expensive either as some of them seem to be a huge amount of money. Over to you.

Cheers for the info',


19-02-2001, 14:33
hi Andy
yea ive had a JRCmega combi for a while now and its never let me down. you can carry vast amounts of tackle with you in the ruckscak its sellf, with the added to carryall i put my food in here and carrys more than enough for a weekend. these rucksack have come down in price aswell.

andy rooke

19-02-2001, 18:24
try the Army Surplus store and save your money mate. Half the price than named "Carp" products


19-02-2001, 18:57
Of some products I do agree with you Tony but about the rucksack query on the other thread I have to disagree. I bought the other rucksack because as you say it was much cheaper being a general fishing bag but it is not designed to be good for my back and as I use it nearly every day for my short session fishing there has to be a better designed one for me to carry more comfortably. Maybe there are rucksacks available from different sources that are easier to carry but I have tried all sorts of outlets and the ones designed for carping are the best, but they do cost more. My back is still suffering but when I can afford one then I will try to get one that is specifically designed for me to carry the amount that I do comfortably.

It is mainly my own fault though because I do carry around quite a lot of photographic equipment and that takes up the bulk of my space which is available in a rucksack.

The JRC sounds good which some of you have mentioned and I may have a look at one some time but for now i will have to keep struggling along.

Cheers though,


19-02-2001, 19:16
what about Nash stacksacks I hear they are brillent but are a little pricey I might get one myself.

19-02-2001, 19:18
I cant afford Nashy stuff so it will have to be a different one to that.


19-02-2001, 19:28
The army carry them for 50 miles and run as well


19-02-2001, 19:30
What Nashy rucksacks??? You having a laugh?? lol

19-02-2001, 19:55
A Secondhand tackle shop I know has loads of second hand normal nashy rucksack the older type I brought one for a tenner and take it everywhere, it carrys alot and i find it very comfortable!

19-02-2001, 21:47
The Stack-Sac is superb. Best rucksack I have owned or used.

Darren Wilson
The Carpers Lodge

19-02-2001, 23:32
I have been using the Chub rucksack for around two years now and found it a great product. The carry-all is worth a look at too.