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16-02-2001, 20:50
Do you only report Carp catches?


17-02-2001, 13:52
Unfortunately Tony, yes. Unless it's an exceptionally big fish, Chub Barbel etc.
Apparantly the readers of the mag complain if its not all Carp!!!
If you have something please let me know and I'll fit it in.

17-02-2001, 14:26
Will do cash mate, I do fish for carp as well but not like the carp anglers do.... depends on my mood. If I catch anything that I regard as something special I will let you know..... dont' hold your breath though /images/forum/icons/smile.gif


17-02-2001, 20:31
We got to earn your money for you now have we.

19-02-2001, 13:52
i thought i caught half a mackerel the other week. but it was my bait.

kingsmead slow. more pike showing than carp. loads of mud about.

oh well!


20-02-2001, 17:21
killed that one didnt i?


20-02-2001, 17:51
looks that way *sam* !!
i have the same problem mate - caught a smelt on one rod couple of weeks ago, and then pulled in a lamprey on the other!! on the thames as well, there 's all sorts in there you know!/images/forum/icons/smile.gif
Dan the Man

22-02-2001, 12:42
what??? what bait did it take? not another boilie?

thats all we need, cannibalistic boilies!


22-02-2001, 13:19
I have never heard so much boilicks in my life lol


22-02-2001, 13:28
i think i might have caught a record from the mole this year that cash could be interested in.
i hooked, played and landed a car tyre on a pop up.....does anyone know what the record for these are?? just hope it was *made in england* lol /images/forum/icons/smile.gif
cash, let me know mate...

22-02-2001, 13:40
I once caught a 195x50x15 Pirelli....was it bigger than that?....although it might have been an import?

22-02-2001, 13:43
i didn't measure it simon- i wanted to get it back into the water as soon as poss.- you know, distress from the capture and all that.......
what are the guidelines regarding tyres?? is it where the tyre was made, or where it was put on the car ???
maybe ian could help??

22-02-2001, 14:01
I think you are in danger of opening up a whole can of worms when talking about foreign imports /images/forum/icons/laugh.gif.

Its interesting though about the strains of this species you can get from the very rare slicks to the fully treaded common ones and those with patches of tread on their body. Sorry I'll get my coat.

22-02-2001, 19:38
fatboy - the one i had was def. a common - fully treaded. there is quite a good stocking of these in the mole/thames area where i fish- my mate managed to land another one about 5 years ago. the slick type ones are rare tho, they find the current diffiult to swim against??.....
in the right conditions, i think a real specimen could be on the cards..its all about location though,as any good angler would know.if you can find em, they're not rig shy.....but boy do they hug the bottom in that current-snag leaders eeeesential!!
i'm getting my coat now-before i'm banned from here!!
happy hauling geezers!
dan the Man

22-02-2001, 20:44
Ive learnt this one from our friend Alex...............I'm gonna slap you lot when i see you at the social, I didn't box for 8 years for nothing you know. LOL.
Well thanks guys for completely trashing my thread, i appreciate it. LOL.
It is refreshing to see though everyone having a giggle for a change instead of all the serious crap that goes on. At the end of the day it still is only fishing.
Anyway I'll only report on Firestones that weigh over 45lb!!!!
Keeping it humourous
P.s. I'll bring my 16oz sparring gloves and gum shield in April..ok. LOL (Lots of love for that one!)

22-02-2001, 22:23
If you are bringing a gum shield maybe half of one of those firestones for Alex as well cash /images/forum/icons/laugh.gif


23-02-2001, 12:01
Wonder how many people got this one Scorpio?!!


23-02-2001, 12:21
Looks as thought I will live to fight another day as I wont be at the event. If I had then I might have had to call on my origami skills ! /images/forum/icons/laugh.gif

Dead right though. People seem to get too serious about their fishing /images/forum/icons/wink.gif

23-02-2001, 13:58
sorry cash - gave me the giggles anyway!!
on a serious note tho mate - what are your plans for covering the social in carp -talk??? as you have mentioned it previously. could be my only chance to ever get my piccy in there!!
if only i had a photo of that michelin, i'm sure it was a 45+ , would have made a great cover story....errr?? /images/forum/icons/laugh.gif
made in England
Dan the man
p.s. please dont hit me mate ..please!

23-02-2001, 15:11
would that be the soc 'ale' aspect of the event cash ???

23-02-2001, 15:32
i'll bring an *extra* can of white lightning for you then mate!!

23-02-2001, 15:53
cash- i cant wait mate...i think alex will be well relaxed and under control, i wonder if he will be bringing his blow pipe for baiting up, and his scarecrow to put in the water *chris yates* style???
i reckon the *mead* babies could respond to a bit of that-could make a good front cover picture eh alex? you and your scarecrow??
i'll certainly be staying sober tho, wanna have a good piccie taken if i catch a GB record ball of weed!!
Made in England of course-what if its *canadian* pond weed, would the record stand.....sorry.i'll stop, yes i am sad.
Dan (idiot) /images/forum/icons/smile.gif

23-02-2001, 16:05

23-02-2001, 16:30
wicked cash - love it!!
i think the people in my office must think i'm on drugs cus i keep ****ing myself at the pc screen!!
do you remember on that scene when they jump into redmire -classic quote "its deeper than i thought.............you said it would only come up to my wellies!!" lol/images/forum/icons/laugh.gif
where is that alex today- come on mate *get involved*,i'm bored at work & need cheering up!
maybe he's stalking at the CP, big orange on a mixer perhaps........
Dan the man

23-02-2001, 16:36

did I read that right, you're staying sober, oh well, back to the offy to get a refund on all that stella, never mind eh.

I keep getting funny looks laughing at some of the threads, I daren't tell em it's a fishing thing, they think I'm a nutter anyway.

23-02-2001, 16:42
only joshing crispo - i promised stella a good workout on that weekend.....you gotta treat your ladies right mate...give em the love and attention they need and all that. thought you were busy today geez?? boss sneaked off early like mine eh?? lol
take it easy - Dan

23-02-2001, 16:45
i know what its like. i have just been asked what i was giggling about!

i will be at the social with the digital camera to try and capture the funny side of things.

be warned! adequate sized landing nets and unhooking mats at the ready!!


23-02-2001, 16:50

Phew, you had me worried for a minute, I thought maybe I'd been receiveing private messages from a poof!

I was busy this morning but only as I am the boss, that's the nightmare, no getting away from it sometimes, plays havoc with the fishing too.

Anyway chap, back to you later.

23-02-2001, 17:07
i'm gonna go under a aka name at the social , otherwise that alex is gonna get me big time!!
maybe a disguise is in order?? i could go in drag=maybe as *stella*?? reckon that would work??
and no crispy, i'm not a marmite mole.....i will be refreshing myself with liquid gold...oooooo and a drop of JD. suits you sir!!

23-02-2001, 17:12
ooooh, ooooh, suits me sir, drop of JD will be administered in fine style.

Dan, Cash, have a look at the bottom of the BAIT thread...........................poor old Alex, some of my finest work there.........

23-02-2001, 17:15
seen it mate, seen it mate- some of your *best* work mate...lol

23-02-2001, 17:19
I think I'll need to padlock my bivvy for the social, not only because Alex will batter me but also becasue you (DAN) are now talking about dressing up in drag, I mean I'm liberal like the next man but womens clothes in public, at least I only do it at home when the missus is out! You dirty old man.

23-02-2001, 18:42
I'll start saving for that crate now then!
Has anyone compiled a list of who needs to bring what i.e. drinks, food etc for the BBQ.
Neil, is this also on your organisational agenda?
Anyway where have you been!
Keeping quite as Alex is on the prowel!! lol.

23-02-2001, 19:16
BBQ is the Bosses domain.Bovis and I are just sorting out the swims and the Draw.We won't be walking far.ash you had better bring your barrow and your hiking boots because you and Alex will have a long walk.

23-02-2001, 21:38
Neil, my best fishing buddy, God of angling, don't forget I got little legs mate /images/forum/icons/laugh.gif


24-02-2001, 03:41
You said you wern't coming so I gave you swim to another short arse in short pants.Alex.
By the time you get round the far side with all that new over night gear you will be to short even to be called stumpy.
Ha Ha Ha

24-02-2001, 10:01
Cash, I had 3 commons out of frimley 3 yesterday, 17lb 10, 21 lb 4, and another about 13.
Any good to you??

25-02-2001, 00:06
Top angling mate, and yes that the perfect sort of info I'm after.
Thanks again Yappi, I'll see you down there no doubt in April!
Be lucky

25-02-2001, 13:36
hi jon,
hows it going on yately mate,getting close if i know jon.things gare getting close for me ,ive seen them all apart from the big common ,now the weathers knocked them back.had them going in 3 to 4 feet of water ,little jon stile.
be lucky mate,
jim shelley
keeping it british,"E.C.H.O.".
ps ive given up drinking now ????????????????????.

26-02-2001, 19:01
Just read your feature in total carp Cash,at tri-lakes helpful
chap that ownerLOL.Shame you didnt catch,but at least you gave it your best.What is it that makes us anglers fish in every type of weather mother nature chucks at us?
Next carp I catch I'll let you know, but its been so long now I forgetting what they look like.LOL
/images/forum/icons/cool.gif /images/forum/icons/cool.gif

27-02-2001, 21:01
In the last 7 weeks, 6th Jan to 24th Feb. Me an the boy have had 7 sessions on a local, to Basingstoke, day ticket water. Weve caught 9 single's and 12 doubles between us. The lowest weight 5lb biggest 17lb a personal best for the boy. Got some great photo's to.
All the best.

The Gnome.

01-03-2001, 23:23
Yeah, no problem my friend. I'll get the boy to sort it out over the weekend. I think Ive got your address in one of the mags, but to be sure if you would be so kind to e-mail it private it may be helpfull.
Keep up the good work buddy.

The Gnome.