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29-11-2000, 09:31
The other day a chap came running round to my swim with a 14lb mirror in his net. Nothing odd about that you will probably say but he was trolling a dead bait when the mirror took his bait.

This is not the only fish that has come to pike anglers on this lake either. A twenty pound common was taken on a plug and a friend of mine had a different common on a boily but when I was unhooking it for him I found a plug (with three trebles on) inside its mouth.

At this lake at least three or carp a season that I know about get caught on pike gear, is this normal for lakes? Does anyone else know of this happening in their lakes?

Oh just as an add on the dead bait the bloke was using was five inches long and the carp had nearly all of it inside its mouth. Makes you think about those who think a 22mm boily is far too big doesnt it?

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29-11-2000, 12:42
Strange............but not unheard of!
I've caught some nice tench on plugs!
It is odd for this time of year though,as ALL fish munch on others when fry are in the water in the warmer months.
It always seems to be plugs that score.....I've never had anything unusual on a spinner.Many now fly fish for carp and the flies imitate small fish......has anyone had a crack at this?
Many a big carp's come out to a tasty sprat!


29-11-2000, 19:18
Found the site at last then.Back on line now so watch out on what you say yound man(thats a laugh)

29-11-2000, 19:56
I have caught tons of Carp on the fly rod but using mixers, I have never caught a carp on a fly, when we fly fish at the reservoirs we do take a great deal of large course fish, I had a Perch at almost 5lb, a 24lb pike and a 7lb bream but never any carp. Now to catch a 23lb 7oz carp off the top with a fly rod is something else, my fly rod by the way is as powerful or maybe even more powerful that most carp rods so it can handle most fish. Anyone wanting information on fishing for course fish with the fly I am willing to give tips.

30-11-2000, 19:26
I once had a 3lb tench on gudgeon head from the blackwater whilst after eels and a big terrapin on roach section from chigborough!

30-11-2000, 20:26
Earlier on in the season I was taking some photos of a terrapin sitting on a log in the margins. While I was clicking away my alarm started to bleep. I struck and this huge patch of bubbles burst in front of me. After a couple of minutes of playing a heavy slow, weight a head the size of my fist broke surface. It was a snapper turtle and on the scales it broke the 17lb barrier. It took a large piece of luncheon meat meant for the carp. Nothing to do with pike baits but your terrapin bit reminded me.

01-12-2000, 19:02
Oh and less of the lip beardy heh heh

01-12-2000, 21:03
Okay oh mighty editor.Might be up Sunday to do some photos.Weather permitting

02-12-2000, 10:48
Okay oh masterly one without razor. I'm in most of Sunday apart from when I go to pick Colin up from his mums.

05-12-2000, 18:35
Apparently two more carp came out of the lake in question to pikers. One came out on a plug and one on a small deadbait.

05-12-2000, 20:06
So does anyone reckon fishmeal baits encourage carp to pick up dead baits?

05-09-2006, 05:59
One of the Lads at my Club water had a Terrapin on a Spicy Chicken Boilie yesterday ?

And some of the Big Pike in the lake have been falling to Boilies, whilst the Boilie is firmly on the Lake bed.

Any other Carpers had any odd captures whilst fishing for Carp recently ?


05-09-2006, 08:00
Hi Bob

I had a strrange occurence while carp fishing last week, I actually caught a carp!

On a serious note, I don't think it's the fishmeal boilies that have influenced the carp to take deadbaits/fry, I believe the carp already have the instinct to eat fish, something I have been thinking about for sometime.

05-09-2006, 15:32
i have witnessed piky,s catching carp with air rifles not the same i know but pike and carp related none the same

05-09-2006, 15:46
Pike falling to boilies I think boils(!) down to the shortage of silver fish available to the pike these days....look at Conningnbrook, the pike there are always getting caught on boilies because there are no silver fish....they gotta eat something.
I have caught pike on pop ups but that I'm sure is more down to the movement of the bait....or was the pike after a roach nibbling at the boilie??? Who knows....

05-09-2006, 17:04
Have heared of this happening quite often with people using whitebait

05-09-2006, 19:24
Ive caught a pike on a pop up, and a mate has had a carp on a dead bait. I remember, i was with a mate in a garden center where they sell fish for ponds. There was a tank of tiny gold fish next to a tank of koi carp. My mate picked out a small gold fish and put him in the other tank. And i tell u in no more then 5 seconds he was gone! Poor little thing had about 6 carp chasing him, dodging from mouth to mouth till he got dun. Felt really bad after but we had no idea that was gonna happen!Alex