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13-02-2001, 18:28
Thought of a new topic for you to mull over. When you are out fishing which of the above would you prefer to use and why?

13-02-2001, 18:31
I mainly use catapults because i don't normally fish out of their distace and they are so acurate.
I also think that the cobra baiting spoons are pretty cool too!

13-02-2001, 18:32
I always use a catapult or the good old mark 1 hand..... then again I don't use boilies


13-02-2001, 18:43
What a question. It could take hours to answer.
It really depends, short to meduim range then I use the fox catapults all the time. The big pouches get hemp and partiblend and pellet out quite a way. Also when mass baiting with bolies then it would also be a caty up to around 50 yards. Any further than that and the trusty cobra comes out and after 3-4 years of practice im quite good with it.
But at the mo it is a propar boat(not a bait boat) and that helps matters a lot. row out to the marker dump the rig and bait in a small tight pattern and hey presto.

13-02-2001, 19:07
they all manage to attract the seagulls. catapulting bait onto the ice was quite amusing...

squawk, squawk, doink!

13-02-2001, 19:10
Paylor, I would have thought that would have taken the self satisfaction out of fishing? Personal opinion here..... I would sooner cast out and manually distribute my bait... then again I am one for tradition.


13-02-2001, 19:37
Dont get me wrong mate. It depends where im fishing. small overstocked waters then there would be no need for boats. At the moment Im fishing in a large lake with no more than 20 carp which means carp location is hard and due to the fact that it is weedy and very silty then a boat becomes a must realy. It helps find spots in the weed and also helps with the landing of fish.
Its a good point you make though and whenever possible i do prefere to cast to my spot.

13-02-2001, 19:55
Understood Paylor, I am going to have to get more wised up on this carp fishing lark..... as you say if you cast it yourself and you cannot access those areas the carp feed in there is no point in casting it at all.......


13-02-2001, 21:43
I use the catapult because its more accurate

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13-02-2001, 23:01
I'll will use what ever the situation i'm fishing needs.
Margin work - by hand or catapult
Medium/long range - spod for particle, throwing stick for boilies.

Paulm /images/forum/icons/wink.gif

14-02-2001, 00:05
i use both ,whatever the situation calls for ,but i supose
either way the godforsaken gulls have no mercy.
It takes a bit of practise but skimming the last ten feet
bouncing bomb style (Best of British), tends to leave the
flying rats sucking water where the bait first hits the
water .
tight lines

14-02-2001, 08:15
I like throwing sticks for long range baiting but there is an unpleasant side effect from their use.
At the start of the season, when you first use one and your muscles are still soft, you can wrench most of the muscles in the upper right hand side of your body.
One session where I used a throwing stick, it triggered off tennis elbow which stayed with me all season and as a result I use the catty these days, I can't match the range of a throwing stick with it but it's less painful.

14-02-2001, 08:27
A throwing stick for baiting at range, and a catty for margins and baiting to 35 yards.
Does anyone know of a catty that can put out baits at range 60+?, And one that doesn`t snap after 2 sessions

14-02-2001, 11:01
You aint alone on this carp fishing caper. It seems to be a black art to me these days, having advanced so much over the years!!!! /images/forum/icons/crazy.gif

14-02-2001, 11:45
after they get tuned into the 'thwack' of a catapult, they then pick up on the sound of a thrpowing stick clanking against banksticks.

i prefer the throwing stick for stealth. i get better accuracy with a catapult though.

sparrows eye at 80 paces mate!


14-02-2001, 12:10
Big bucket pouched catti for the particles and short distance work and as far as i am concerned the Korda throwing stick is the mutz nutz for long range baiting,in the right hands i you can put bait out well over 100 yards.

15-02-2001, 00:02
in the right hands a bait can be cast 175yards. 99% of the angling population can't hit this distance.

likewise, (throw) sticking out baits 100yds+ consistently to the same spot would be achieved by a minority, regardless of the make of throwing stick...

15-02-2001, 01:31
When you say "well over 100 yards." what distance do you mean - 120, 140.........
cos i'd like to see ya do it !!!

Paulm /images/forum/icons/wink.gif

15-02-2001, 07:53
So would I, especially with a breeze, I can't see anyone putting out bait accurately more than 60 - 70 yards.


15-02-2001, 07:58
I have seen the Carp Company lads putting out large quantities of 22mm boilies with a throwing stick and they were putting them out over a hundred yards. They have practised for a long time though and wasted a lot of bait in the process. I spose it is like many things the more you practise the better you get.

I have tried with the throwing sticks but without getting the bait for free or something to practise as much as they did would cost just too much.


15-02-2001, 12:26
Anyone tried them Green Plastic Korda throwing sticks? they're quality things, I've put 18mm baits in the region of 150 yards before, only problem is they are plastic and when I'm Being an Animal with them I tend to smash them up.

15-02-2001, 13:55
Throwing sticks are only as effective as the bait is hard, too soft and it'll explode on the way out.

I've always found that unless the bait is perfectly round they fly off in all directions, maybe I'm just crap, give me a good old catty any day, the further you want the bait's to go, the harder you pull.

And as for 175+ yard casts and 100+ yards throwing stick capabilities, I thought Jackanory finished years ago!

15-02-2001, 14:21
100yards+ with a throwing stick is possible, with one of the green korda sticks, I`ve managed this distance with 16mm baits, anything above this can go much further 130+
it is possible, try it!

15-02-2001, 14:53
I think maybe the baits I've used have been too small, soft and not round enough.

One of my mates works at a paintball site and although he admit's it would be too dangerous he says he'd love to use a paintball gun to bait up with. If you think about it they fire very small balls of paint, intact, a long long way!

15-02-2001, 15:07
Crispy...have you seen the boilie gun?
It looks like a German gun enplacement!
Have a look at <A target="_blank" HREF=http://www.goldsworthangling.co.uk>http://www.goldsworthangling.co.uk</A> under 'offers'.!

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15-02-2001, 15:20
Blimey, maybe the gun idea is quite safe, the Paintball Guns fire a paintball at major velocity though, something like 250 feet per second as it leaves the barrel, I wouldn't fancy getting in the way of that!

15-02-2001, 18:25
Paint balls will alter shape as they leave the gun, a solid bait won't I don't think it would be suitable and the bait will break up.


16-02-2001, 20:12
jackanory? i know of anglers who can put a SPOD a measured 175yds...i kid you not!

it is also a fact that a bait can be put 100yds+ with a throwing stick. on the right day with the right bait i have done it, but not consistently, which was my point.

16-02-2001, 21:16
I would be surprised a spod would reach 175yards, the simple fact of air resistance on a spod would cause drag and also Gravity plays a big part. I have cast in tournaments over a grass field and to be honest 175yards is a long way..... for a carp rod.


17-02-2001, 00:16
"18mm baits in the region of 150 yards before"
<font color=red>Let me know were you fish, and i'll came down to see this.</font color=red>

Paulm /images/forum/icons/wink.gif

17-02-2001, 03:01
we're not talking normal carp rod - we're talking tony parker's arbitrator spod rods! seriously, i have been told yuppi has cast a spod (a measured) 175yds and i have absolutely no reason to disbelieve it! tony's rods are something else...

practice makes perfect...!

tight leather finger pouches,

17-02-2001, 09:24
Mitch smith can put a spod well far so dont doubt the things baz is saying.