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13-02-2001, 12:39
does anyone out there still use the old style optonics like super xls and magno's not the most sensitive of alarms but if your looking for 1 toners and having the ****e scared out of ya everytime you get a take these are a must.
keep it low toned

13-02-2001, 13:06
i have delkims now but still have a pair of super xl's in the tackle bag, i had many years of being woke up and scared stiff from these. you can buy a 7 vane wheel for them making them much more sensitive. I used to have the alarms link with a bitech sounder box, now that turned up with the xl's up on full wakes you up.only problem is the hole lake knows what going on .really mental times there where . none of this bunnisses with rods being pulled of the alarms with the carp ears that you get with the xl's either.

13-02-2001, 13:35
I have one original compact optonic that is so quiet when it goes off that it is quite honestly a joke. lol I also have two that have been converted and sometimes I still use these just because i love the noise they make when you get a screamer, much more of a mellow tone i reckon.


13-02-2001, 16:22
I used to have the old Super XL optonics that were loudish but I then swapped them for the original Delkim conversion which had the old GPO speaker on the front, now they were loud!

I do remember the orininal optonic and as pathetic as they sound now they did used to wake me up at the time.

13-02-2001, 21:29
I had optonics til about 6 months ago when they gave up on me.Use Fox,s now and I can hear these.
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ps If they hadnt died I would still be using them

13-02-2001, 22:57
And why with all todays technology can't they make reels with a clutch like a Cardinal 55

13-02-2001, 22:59
My Shimano's ain't that far off the old 55's Dave. But I agree with you there though mate.

Darren Wilson
The Carpers Lodge

14-02-2001, 00:14
I wish I could afford some lovely old cane carp rods. Would be bliss but I spose I will stay happy with my little Shimanos. Anyone out there still use eleven foot rods for carping?? Or even cane rods come to that??

14-02-2001, 00:18
Back in the Summer Andy, I was getting a few nice carp upto 17lb 8oz from the river on a nice 11ft Martin James barbel rod and a centrepin reel... /images/forum/icons/smile.gif

Great sport - I can't wait until they come back. They usually start feeding again the last couple of weeks of the season, but I haven't been down there yet !


14-02-2001, 00:21
I won an old greenheart rod once in a match many years ago and i loved the way it felt when playing a carp but my brother trod on it and totally smashed it to bits. They are so expensive now i have no hope of ever playing a carp on one again i spose


14-02-2001, 13:13
Dave Levy

Try the new Shimano Baitrunners, I have used the old 55's and the new shimano's are the first reels to surpass them!


15-02-2001, 13:21
Depends what you mean by "anyone" and "carping".

A few anglers at Burghfield Blue Pool (including me) used 11' John Wilson Avon/Quiver rods with the Avon top, and 6-8lb line last summer. Just feel for the size of fish in there at present the full monty carp gear ie 2.5lb TC rods and 10lb-plus line is a bit over the top. I had fish up to 12lb 8oz on this outfit and would have felt confident of taking on fish a little bigger with some open water in front of me.

I can't claim to be a carp specialist in any way at all, but I did find these mid size fish to be a very challenging and sporting target...nice fishing in the traditonal style as I think the RMC guidebook puts it.

21-02-2001, 13:25
Sorry Darren, but no Shimano clutch will ever live up to the 155's, 55's, 57's etc. One turn total control, they were and will always be the best.
Why the hell did I ever get rid of mine ?!!!


21-02-2001, 23:01
The clutches on my Big Baitrunner LC's are , in my opinion, as good as the ones that are on the old Cardinal 55's. I agree though that at the time the 55's clutches were something else compared to what was on offer by other manufacturers at the time.

Darren Wilson
The Carpers Lodge