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20-02-2002, 19:24
Any info on this water had a look round while visiting relatives,
It was about 5 yrs ago ,big pit only seen pole anglers while i was there ,Looked the part
Thanks Jonah

20-02-2002, 23:29
Maybe with more info you might know the one ,,
fleet pond in fleet hampshire .
drove over bridge ,over railway ,parked up walked through woods to get to it
just wondered what was in there and who owns it

22-02-2002, 13:02
i was told about it
i hold loads of 20+ carp and you can olny fish parts of it on the station bank i had a look at it and liked it although it is very big and has no 40's or 30's i dont think.
worth a fish i like the swim in the corner very quite and looks very fishy

23-02-2002, 17:30
cheers kingcarp
thanks for info good to know carp are there ,
could be right about only fishing one bank ,the only anglers i seen were on the bank you said ,on the platforms,
would be nice place with a couple of bigguns
any ideas who runs it

24-02-2002, 14:42
Pretty sure it's run by the local council, try calling in at YAC or Tackle up in fleet and asking them, they should be a big help.

27-02-2002, 16:12
you can get tickets in fleet angling as i was going to go.
good luck tell me how you get on.
have a look at the corner swim nearest the station

27-02-2002, 18:12
Cheers lads well helpful
best of luck....