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07-11-2005, 12:18
Hey guys, looking for advice here, want to find out the pros and cons of the above before spending money, know that sounds tight, but........

07-11-2005, 12:29
bank sticks all the way fella, then you can use a lump hammer to put em in http://www.cemexangling.co.uk/forum/images/graemlins/wink.gif

07-11-2005, 12:43
bank sticks 4me me old fruit,solid as you like,get on the steve nevilles the dogs gonads!!!!!

07-11-2005, 12:57
Prefer banksticks but sometimes its necessary to use a pod!
The banksticks i use form part of my pod so i bring that with me just incase of fishing the pontoon swim.! All angles covered

07-11-2005, 15:09
yep you cant get bank sticks in wood or concrete http://www.cemexangling.co.uk/forum/images/graemlins/wink.gif
but only then will i use one

07-11-2005, 15:15
banksticks for me...

07-11-2005, 15:18
Why don't pods allow you to use bankstick these day - I still caryy an old Gardener original pod, simply because I can get the sticks through and anchor it when only one stick will go in, or the ground is too gravelly to get a solid set up. it's still the lightest pod I've used! Even then - it's been out the holdall about three times in the last four years!
Get a decent bankstick set up, and a cheap pod for the rare emergency when it is vital.

07-11-2005, 15:19
Ah the old skool gardener one with the four small steel rods as legs, and the simple wingnut tightning system, cracking idea, anyone wnna sell one they have knocking about?!

07-11-2005, 15:27
with hippy all the way my pod gets used around 3 times a year when fishing from wooden platforms, rest of the time its sticks

07-11-2005, 16:15
always have me pod with me,just in case i cant PUSH the sticks in,if i cant ,then use my po0d simple really,no hammering,no noise... http://www.cemexangling.co.uk/forum/images/graemlins/tongue.gif

07-11-2005, 16:47
sticks all the way i have my pod in the van all the time just in case used twice in about 5 years and that was at thorpe lea this year fishing from the platforms over on the motorway bank.


07-11-2005, 16:55
I used to be a podman.... but converted last season to banksticks. Makes the whole setup look more 'neater'....

I still use a lightweight fox pod if im fishing rock hard ground.

I canny stand seeing someone fishing with a 2ft high rod pod, when they could just use nice, small, neat banksticks! Personal gripe... http://www.cemexangling.co.uk/forum/images/graemlins/wink.gif

07-11-2005, 16:57
end of the day its down to personell prefurences boring if we all used the same

07-11-2005, 17:09
Thanks for the input boys, looks like it will be worth getting a pod but, sticking with the banksticks, seems to be the order of the day.

07-11-2005, 17:19
Bank stick where ever possible.

07-11-2005, 17:27
Bank sticks http://www.cemexangling.co.uk/forum/images/graemlins/grin.gif

07-11-2005, 19:51
i use a pod mainly because the ground is hard and rocky where i fish, i could get banksticks in but would prob take me 15 mins and they would not be that stable, pod is set up all the time and goes on top of the barrow. get to the swim, undo the bungie, put pod on ground, put rods on pod voila .....fishing, when i get there half an hour before it gets dark, time is vital, dont wanna spend it trying to push 6 banksticks in. i do agree when the ground allows it a bankstick or snag bar set up is best.

07-11-2005, 20:09
i got a mate to make a pod for me which utilises my sticks if need be http://www.cemexangling.co.uk/forum/images/graemlins/cool.gifbecause on the 2 lakes i fish there's a swim at each lake where you can't get sticks in

07-11-2005, 21:05
Why don't pods allow you to use bankstick these day

[/ QUOTE ]

They do Hippy - http://www.defiantmps.com/tridentmps.htm

07-11-2005, 21:23
use a pod where nessersary just get your best mate to stand near your rods when people walk past ! they,ll think its his lol a mate had a pod years ago wanna them kjb,s never forget him getting a [censored] take ,hitting it and and sending the whole lot up in the air doing a triple back flip!! [censored] myself laughing !! sort of put me of em a bit . bank sticks all day long

08-11-2005, 19:17
Hippy and Boxy - I've got an original Gardner rod pod. I've had a few comments about it off a couple of new mates this year... I think one of them was quite envious! Old Skool indeed.

09-11-2005, 12:08
Sticks are more secure, in particular goal post set ups. I fish an ultra-pressured syndicate big fish water and have convinced myself, based on my experiences that the fish can feel the vibrations of bank sticks being inserted into the ground. As this is "situation normal" on the fishery it mostly does nothing apart from reinforce the fish's ongoing extreme wariness about being constantly fished for. Occasionally they will visibly react and drift away from the area or stay put, but shut up shop so far as feeding is concerned.
IMO a pod is a definite edge, particularly on shorter sessions.

09-11-2005, 12:18
Sticks wherever i can! pointing your rod at your rigs makes for 100% more sensitivity! especially if you are slack lining

09-11-2005, 12:21
I've got 3 of the gardner pods hippy's on about and I still use them for piking with one rod on each if I've got room to leapfrog the rods around the lake, much easier.

10-11-2005, 18:10
Steve Neville Gravel eaters are the muts nuts!!!, pods are a nightmare and should only be used as a last resort and as for mallets, they should only be used on there owners!!!

10-11-2005, 18:14
Bank sticks for me love beating them in the ground with my nice big MALLET! i would use a pod but then there would be no need for my nice big annoyingly loud MALLET!

10-11-2005, 18:31
Sticks http://www.cemexangling.co.uk/forum/images/graemlins/grin.gif

10-11-2005, 18:40
Pod as I fish gravel pits. Don't like the noise of putting in sticks. Would use sticks if I fished anywhere with mud banks.

10-11-2005, 19:27
Brilliant Dixy! http://www.cemexangling.co.uk/forum/images/graemlins/laugh.gif http://www.cemexangling.co.uk/forum/images/graemlins/laugh.gif http://www.cemexangling.co.uk/forum/images/graemlins/laugh.gif

11-11-2005, 09:04
Pods all the way. why you ask well here goes, listen up the realtree boys in the back!!
Think about it, we, well you! spend money and time getting camo this and camo that , hours perfecting the "sneaky" rig, invisable line hiding in trees all to find your quarry. and then at last you have located that "lump" only to spend 5/10/15mins beating your bankstickes into submission getting them into the ground (obiviously depending on the type of ground) and then wonder why you don't catch anthing.
I'm not saying i leopard crawl to my swims and are super quite but that is one thing i don't do.
we all crave the stable setup, why? what do you really think is going to happen? a shark suddenly find its way into the lake and rip your rods of! i doubt it.
I know its bloody anoying when your alarms twist, and we all want it to look neat, but sometimes its a little overkill.
(deep breath!) brings me onto another rant, why do people have camo everything alarm covers, buckets right down to DPM pants and then have a super shiny pod/bankstick set up? i've nothing against stainless in fact it gets me all excited! who are you hiding from? the germans, i know they bombed our chippys but there not coming again for another go!
but yes i use a fox horizon pod because a) i got it cheap b) it takes mins to set up so moving isn't so much of a chore c) I don't have to abuse my bank sticks ( if i had any) and d) i can't afford a neville FO set up!!

thanks for listening and answers/retorts/genral abuse of "your wrong you twat" on a postcard please!!!


11-11-2005, 09:23
camo matches my eyes

11-11-2005, 10:20
i agree with the mallett issue, but there is a real easy way round that, especially for regular carp anglers. ensure you eat all your grub upon arrival to the lake, every session, then order takeaway pizza and indians for the following nights. after several months of this indulgence, you will weigh a tidy sum and easily push your bank sticks into any surface (other than concrete) with ease! http://www.cemexangling.co.uk/forum/images/graemlins/laugh.gif

i agree also with the camo monkies, what is all that about! i fish under my tips quite alot, and even if i had DPM or realtree head to toe, standing 10feet from my rigs would still be too much disturbance! dress warm and dry and stay away from the waters egde, and save a million squid in [censored] military gear!