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25-11-2000, 20:38
Has anyone got one of aqua products Armadillo bivvys.
If you have what do you think, They certainly look the muts nuts!, I was thinking of getting one but want the thoughts of others first.

25-11-2000, 22:07
No i have not got one myself as i'm a *FOX* man, but
when i was fishing at Longleat one of the local lads had one .It was rock solid and very easy to brake down when moving swims.Looks the dogs b....... i say!!! and very reasonably priced at around £250.00 squid.

26-11-2000, 21:18
I too have looked at one of these.......thet really do look good.
The contact for a brochure can be found on this Forum under 'BIVVIES',where it was kindly posted after I asked for advice on buying one.
So long as you know you're looking at £400 or there abouts if you want the winter skin and all the trimmings!
Best I've seen on paper and trusted as it's not 'commercial' and trendy........(YET!).


27-11-2000, 08:04
My girlfriend is buying me one with an extended winter skin for Christmans so I'll let you know what it is like after my first session with it sometime in late December or Early Jan.

All the reports I have heard say it is fantastic, It looks solid enough, easy to put up and break down, and it still looks more like a Bivvy than a Dome.

27-11-2000, 11:28
By the sounds of it i should buy one ASAP, I might treat myself for christmas, instead of spending all my hard earned cash on everybody else!

27-11-2000, 11:49
If you speak to my bird nicely..........................................

27-11-2000, 18:36
Good idea, after all it is christmas!

29-08-2002, 16:22
I have had my Armadillo for about a year now, It`s the dogs danglies. I have both the standard Winter skin (old style), and the extended Winter skin also with the frame support system.
Possibly the finest peice of kit I have ever owned.

29-08-2002, 16:32
Two words....

The Best

29-08-2002, 17:36
Advert in the latest crafty carper for a new bivvi . Its got a internet site address , but cant seem to get onto it . Just wanted to see how it works , some sort of quick erect ( OH ER ), stable bivvi , so you can move swims easy . Enyone out there seen one ??
Hatters looking up at the rest

30-08-2002, 07:48
Two words for you m8,

the [censored].


30-08-2002, 08:03
I have the Aqua Dillo and I can assure you it's the best bivvy on the market. Been down the Nash and Fox roads but they have got nothing on Aqua. The Trakker version is identical apart from the door (thought I would get that one in Smarts!)
Top quality and pretty good value too when you compare to the others available. If it wasn't for the fact that Aqua are mail order only you would see thousands more on the bank nowadays but this is not necessarily a bad thing. I like to be a little exclusive. Trakker versions are available in the shops but I must admit that the shops still tend to prefer flogging you the Fox and Nash efforts. Don't quote me on this but could it be the profit margin is likely to be much higher on these? A friend of mine had a insurance claim a while ago and he had to go through a tackle shop to replace his nicked tackle. It took him ages to find a shop where he could get the Trakker Dillo. Anybody else noticed this?