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04-02-2001, 21:25
given that more than 1100 people have read the thread about the kingsmead social, i feel something should be said about the parking at kingsmead. i have put something similar to this in the group waters section.

kingsmead is currently a public access water, and this is a public access website, so the amount of vehicles present on the social weekend will no doubt be noticed. the local illegitimates can be a problem, but as a couple of people have noted elsewhere, there are also undesirable people fishing the same waters and viewing the same websites as the rest of us (chemo's gear going walkies has raised more than a few eyebrows).

the cars parked in the car parks at kingsmead are *relatively* safe, AS LONG AS YOU DON'T LEAVE ANYTHING IN THEM. i cannot emphasise that enough. every year i speak to people who have had stereos nicked from their cars. if you leave your stereo in your car (or anything, for that matter), you are asking to have it taken. it is risky enough leaving things in the car outside your own house, let alone in a dark car park in the middle of nowhere.

One of the reasons these scrotes keep coming back is because people keep leaving nickable stuff in their cars. easy pickings, as far as they are concerned. i am going to conduct an experiment on the weekend of the social and take a note of every numberplate and what is in the car. i will then come and see you to tell you what i could've nicked from your car if i was that way inclined. i can tell you now, there will be something in *every* car that could be considered to be worth nicking to a [censored word]-up sixteen year old.

please, please, please prove me wrong...

yes the car parks are locked, but where do you get the padlock codes from? the guide book, as we all know, is freely available to anyone who calls up for one.

this is not meant to put *anyone* off - i think this will be a blinding weekend. it is meant as a reminder to us all to be extra vigilant whilst we are fishing, as i wouldn't like to see the weekend marred by people returning to their cars to find damaged windows and missing things...

keeping it safe,

04-02-2001, 21:31
Good point bazza
i'm probobly getting a lift there anyway
See you there

04-02-2001, 21:34
hi bazza,
nice one mate ,lets hope they dont and everything goes pukka.tight lines
jim shelley
keeping it real,"E.C.H.O.".

05-02-2001, 09:56
What happened to all the replies? - I logged in and all the pages and pages of replies to the Kingsmead 1 social thread have gone?

Anyway I'm well up for the 7th of April - will there be a draw for swims?

Has anyone caught anything other that the pike over the winter? I'm gonna be heading down to the mead again in a couple of weeks. You had any joy Bazza? what about you *sam*?


05-02-2001, 10:04
D'oh!! - I was looking at the wrong thread.....

i'll get mi coat..