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23-11-2000, 17:33
On those winter days when you have sat session after session watching the water for hours for signs of fish how do you decide on where to cast. Personally I would try spots that worked in the earlier months first and then if that failed I would revert to the casting often method, hoping that eventually I would find a spot where the carp were holding up for the winter. I would be interested to hear what others have to say on this subject.

24-11-2000, 12:56
if the bait has been going in all year, then i will stick to the spots. the roving bait method of casting to rolling, moving fish is another viable option.

deep water, silt, snags etc all may hold fish. there is nothing like seeing the little ******s though! as soon as i do, they get a bait lobbed at them. sometimes a big cube of luncheon meat helps.

i always dip the lead, leadcore and hooklink in the bait dip, as well as using single, long time soaked hookbaits.

keep the bait trickling in.


04-12-2000, 09:17
fish to snags/features,even if shallow water.fish on warm/strong/south easterlies whenever possible;not necessarilly next to your mates in the car park swims.if the weather is [censored word],give up,or don't bother.you could be in the right spot,casting on thier heads,but they're simply not having it.right place at the right time(weather-wise).try small hook baits & crumb up approx 6 baits per rod/spot ;&spit on your hookbait(dick walker style)as this is free & honestly,the only glug/bait soak you'll ever need.

04-12-2000, 19:15
Get on some where thats stuffed full of fish at least the bobbins keep moving

04-12-2000, 19:24
If the air temperature is cold with a north to east wind then it has to be the deepest part or most sheltered part of the lake. Carp will move up in the water with even a minimal temperature rise so look for this. I always try the deep warmer parts of the lake after Christmas. Believe it or not a large expanse of water takes quite a long time to cool, so right now in November the fish will probably be holding in the usual places but come January & February this will be a different story. Locate the fish and you have more chance of catching.


04-12-2000, 20:54
i have found carp behind a wind ,1 lake was clear and you would see them move to behind it in a 20ft radious .
on a large lake where boats where alowed again the carp where behind the wind you could see them in the old weed beds, when the wind swung round they where still there just lower down ,on other long lakes the middle on the long bank is best ,ie reeds on savay middle of the canal,its worth ago if you find them they won't go far just of there feed

04-12-2000, 21:46
I see what you mean Ian, I have seen the same happen... It all depends on what direction and what temperature the wind is. I have learned a lot of this from my Trout fishing in still waters. If there is a warm wind or a wind in the summer you will always have more success fishing into the wind, obviously if you get a north or east wind in the winter you would die of hyperthermia if you tried this and I can't think of any fish that would like to be in water cooled so much by a raw wind. The weather plays a massive part in all fishing, even sea fishing from a beach is governed by the wind direction. I believe in measuring the water temperature with a thermometer as well, this is valuable information when in the search for winter fish.


05-12-2000, 18:43
Today I found the carp and they were as you say on the back of the wind. They were on the move though jumping out and then moving along a fair way before jumping out again.

05-12-2000, 19:12
It is a warm southerly wind at present and that is exactly where the carp and most other fish will lie. If you need any information before a fishing trip just ask and I will put you on I hope the right track. Now is an excellent time for piking as well, anyone out there piking fish with the wind from left to right and drift a dead bait into the windward bank, it won't fail unless the Pike have had their fill already. I have actually caught carp off the top in winter.... this occurs at the warmest time of the day, about 1.30 - 2.30, once again you will need to fish with the wind from left to right and drift the floaters into the windward bank. I studied meteorology and also entomology and this I have found helps me a great deal in locating fish and learning their feeding paterns, mainly for Trout but also in a lesser manor course fish too.


01-08-2003, 09:00
at a lake i fish in the winter i use 18 or 20mm neon pop-up boilies. i watch the lake to see where the fish are, look for signs like fish jumping and other anglers catching, i then whack out the boilie on their heads and usually get a take straight away.

01-08-2003, 09:45
This must be an early nomination for the shoes award.

Dragging up a three year old post about winter fishing on AUG 1ST!!!!

01-08-2003, 10:10
Hey wayne... chance favours the prepared mind http://www.rmcangling.co.uk/forum/images/graemlins/wink.gif

From experience there will be one or two holding areas on the lake that only you can find (all lakes are obviously differen).. these are often close too but not in the deepest areas. The fish tend to spend a signicant amount of there time mid water in these area (I think this tempature layer is the most stable during the colder months).

If its not a hungry water its key that you keep their interest up from the Autumn and through the transition to the colder months - lots of smaller feed items such as hemp and small chops will have a presence in the water longer (unless your fishing the only water in this country without tufties) I would concentrate feed on features such as shelves and slopes that transition into the deeper water once you've sussed there holding area(s)

Also the key areas to check will be the biggest weedbeds for holding up (at least till late autumn) snaggy areas come more into play if the lake bed is pretty flat and featureless. I have personally found that fish use the snaggy areas late autumn but move out into holding areas often central in the lake when the cold sets in!

Some food for thought I hope

01-08-2003, 10:32
exactly my thoughts Ro6, i dio tend to find that if we have a cold snap the fish will move to that deeper or deepest part of the lake that is near the area they have choosen to hold up in.

it is a must to keep the bait going in ior they will just turn off for very long periods of time.

01-08-2003, 11:12
LOL http://www.rmcangling.co.uk/forum/images/graemlins/wink.gif Mr Shoes will be watching.... http://www.rmcangling.co.uk/forum/images/graemlins/blush.gif

02-08-2003, 08:32
Im not too sure about fishing the deepest areas i havent had much success like that I prefer to fish the sheltered areas. Now it may be that the deepest area is the sheltered area on the lake + if that is the case then it would definately be worth a go, but on my lakes I catch my winter fish from 3-6ft. last winter I had 3 fish one morning from a 3ft island margin because it was sheltered from the wind. Or overhanging trees/snags they always seem to hold winter fish.
I think the fish spend a lot of time mid water maybe that is why i catch off the shallower spots because that is the depth the fish are comfortable at?
single pop ups for me although they have to be stinky to work at night. if im confident im on fish then i'll use a bottom bait with small stringers or pva bags but if im not sure then i'll use single pop ups recast regularly