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23-06-2005, 13:45
I am in the market for a new bedchair and I have narrowed it down to either of the following 2. bearing in mind I am 6' 5" tall

Jrc Terry Hearn Stealth
Jrc cocoon 3

Does anyone use either of these if so any feed back chaps.

23-06-2005, 15:11
Go for the Stealth. Top bit of kit. Shop around though, there's some good bargins at the mo.


23-06-2005, 15:30

23-06-2005, 15:33
Many thanks chums, any body else with the same views ?

23-06-2005, 15:37
I thought that most of the JRC bedchairs , Stealth included ,were killers for your back (if you sleep on your front) due to the curved frame at the head end.Is that right?


23-06-2005, 15:39
Been lookin myself and the stealth looks favourite check out deals at england angling post free too, also this one is pretty lightweight aswell!!

23-06-2005, 16:10
If you want to see some more rounded comments (good and bad) reported about the Stealth do a search on this forum. Personally my Stealth bedchair is far east quality cack.


23-06-2005, 16:10
. . .Have abused my Coccoon 3 for several years now . . .marginally heavier than the stealth but wider I think . . .? Stealth is suspect when under a brolley - you can't stuff as much gear under the bedchair as the support bars are low to the ground . . .

Cheers, Belch

23-06-2005, 16:19
Found a damaged stealth in the bushes a few days ago. The headrest adjustment knobs had been broken but i'm guessing it was a case of quite serious abuse. If anyone knows where I can get replacements? http://www.rmcangling.co.uk/forum/images/graemlins/smile.gif

23-06-2005, 22:34
i bought a stealth bedchair a couple of months ago its been fine apart from the feet falling off very easily my friend had the original bedchair which does seem to be better made than mine that still going strong after 2.5 years

23-06-2005, 22:50
if weight is an issue then go for the stealth fella,mines been abused for 2 seasons and still going strong,but ive also had a chub casein for about 6 years and although heavy is prob the most comfortable bedchair ive ever used

24-06-2005, 00:41
bearing in mind there are 2 versions of the JRC (2 leg and 3 leg) the two leg just fits me and im not even 6 foot. The 3 leg is longer i believe, you should check just how long. As a side note the JRC i have has 5" of extension on each leg and it is quite highly sprung so unless you're a proper fat lad you should find a fair bit of room underneath.