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28-01-2001, 16:44
Does anyone know of any good Carp swims on the thames?, I have had a few thames carp out but nothing big yet...., also are there any tips on rigs and bait application etc....

28-01-2001, 17:52
John I have only dabbled on the thames but you can ask Carponlineeditor because he has done some time there.As for baits then keep it cheap ie Maize Hemp and vitalin but get plenty of it in before you fish over a period of a week or so.Put a few boilies in as well and then use the same boilies as hook baits.Good luck and if I can help anymore then use my private email address.

01-03-2001, 18:50
ldont know anything about the tames but lve been fishing some half decent stretches of the trent

02-03-2001, 01:45

Where abouts are you based?


02-03-2001, 16:49
As far as swims goes, basically do the same as you would on a still water. You know look for likely looking spots that you think carp may hold up in, overhanging willows, islands, brige columns etc. If you can fish any of the weir pools then these are sposed to have some very large carp living in them but as I am not sure how one goes about getting to fish those areas I have only heard about them.

My rigs are always pretty simple, strongish tackle as the fish do go in rivers and there are a lot of snags in the Thames too. A simple running lead does me with a hook link made up of say merlin, i use size four super specialists. Also I found that microwaved pop ups worked very well, to make them better you can soak them in a flavoured oil and they then sort of become waterproof and last for ages, they also dont get nibbled by smaller species.

The tidal Thames has a higher average size of carp I would say and if you can find them then you can have some big hits. Two or three twenites in a night. But it isnt always like that obviously cos youve got to find them and then keep them there.

Baiting up is near enough the most important bit of fishing rivers though in my opinion as each time I have done this I have had much better results. A cheapish particle in large quantities with a sprinkling of boilies would be the way to go.

Anyway good luck with it,


02-03-2001, 17:31
As for fishing the weir pools - contact the Environment Agency in Reading and speak to their fisheries department. They issue a weir pool permit that gives you access to about 18 different sites on the Thames. The permit costs about £20 and the fishing can be superb during the summer as lots of oxygen is created by the crashing water. The only drawback is it is days only - and not even full days. You can only fish the lock keepers working hours as most of the weirs are regarded as being dangerous places. This means that you have to be off by 7pm in the summer and it is so frustrating as the fishing often picks up even more in the evening. The only other way around it is to get a boat and then you can fish whenever you want!