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21-11-2001, 18:19
I have just finish my worst ever session.The tuffty's were a nightmare,from sunday till this morning they did not leave me alone,.the night time was the worst.every half hour they picked up my bait,i tryed every thing,even shineing a torch at them,it did put the fear of god in them,as soon as the light hit them they flew off,back in bag half hour later beep beep there back,this went on all night,every night,and the thing was one bait was in the margins,and the other one was twenty feet out in front.i've been fishing the area for seven weeks now,and baiting up every week.but the tuffty's have sused this out,and are haveing a free feed up,things are hard enough in winter without this,god my head hurts,weres my straight jacket.

21-11-2001, 20:26
Try catching a sygnet with its parents going apesh*t at you! Then the poor little bait guzzler tried to wrap itself up in 12lb Technium before one of the adult swans attacked the line and bit it through. By this time @10.00pm on a hot July Evening the whole lake was watching the show!! The enviromrnt agency and the RSPCA who I then phoned were as much use as a chocolate teapot as there only reply was leave it and check in couple of days, if the swan is still bound up give us another call!

PS the sygnet managed to eject the hook and unwrap itself from the line and is now guzzling bait with the Tufties.

Anyone else with any wildfowl nightmares???????

21-11-2001, 23:36
I had all my bait stolen by a fox once, I also had a 4lb codling stolen by one too off the beach.

I had a swan [censored] on my head and I tell ya it hurt as well, the worst was when I caught a terrapin from Newdigate and it took half my finger off (well bit me) when I tried to unhook it.

22-11-2001, 06:43
last time i was down at yately south one of the balifs said that a fox does regular rounds for boilies.it got a full 5kg bag off some one once!
on the swan front i hooked and landed one when i was 13 and i allmost shat myself.i had to hold it in the net while someone unhooked it.when we released it it chased me about 100 yds down the bank and up a tree.it stayed there about 20 minutes before it went away.never again!!!!!


22-11-2001, 09:32
The one thing i should add is the area i've been fishing has had fish in there most of the time i've been there,in fact i caught something a bit special a few weeks back,the fish are still visting the area,but the problem is the noise,how long will the fish put up with it,the problem with the tufftys has only happened after i had the fish.

22-11-2001, 09:45
I forget who told me this , but it seems to work , is use one of those laser pens, the type you see on holiday in Majorca. I borrowed my sons one and it had the things running scared .
They are used to seeing our normal torches , and lights , so this must spook them . For how long ? , I dont know .

Hatters not flying as high

22-11-2001, 10:10
1 air rifle + pellets = no more tufties
Only joking, its a nice thought though
Try the laser pens my mate had 1 & it worked a treat on everything from coots up to geese/swans

22-11-2001, 10:57

Did you weigh it, I hope you used an unhooking mat! LOL!


22-11-2001, 12:22
I've used a laser pen,but they still come back,maybe a ak47 will do the trick?i think the only way is to stop baiting up and use single hook baits,.but then the fish have only been visting the area regular because off the regular bait,god! you can't win.

22-11-2001, 12:29
A nightmare, indeed! These boys can pick out a caster on the hook in the dark.......there is no mercy from them! If it does not affect your fishing, Firing out mixers should congregate them in an area where you can bait up with old, rubbish or particle bait where they'll be munching away from you!
After that it'd be the seagulls that steal bait in mid-air.........

22-11-2001, 12:42
I saw a guy fishing on the top get his mixer hook bait grabbed in midair by a seagull. He looked like he was flying a kite!

22-11-2001, 13:10
I have though about baiting up some were else,but in winter they could fill up on bait before they they reach my bait,and it's not fare on other anglers,if they turn up and go in a swim fall of bait,allthough?no that's not right,o well thinking cap on.move swim,or single hook bait's.

22-11-2001, 13:24
what about PVA bags??

22-11-2001, 13:29
Are there tufties on the water - if there are you should be alright cos they'll be well hooked on the scattered boily's maties laddling into your water - had a similar experience on the CP the last couple of winters - helpxs if there light coloured baits....

it aint all bad geeza - fish weights (and there condition) should be good anyway - when you have em they'll be pukka!!!!


22-11-2001, 13:31
Once in my younger days whilst wobbling for pike, I hooked a seagull, well what a fight! stripped off about 100 yards of line and was aboout 50 foot in the air. Could be a new hobby, most enjoyable...

22-11-2001, 13:34
Should come to Richmond mate..you'll enjoy it there..

22-11-2001, 14:13
Three bait stringer,pick ups,pva bags pick ups,pellets,you got it,pick ups,and yes i know about there weight and condition,because the fish i had was some thing very very special,but for five weeks it was great,not one tuftie,but in winter if you can keep bait in the swim,i think you have a better chance,never mind, i'll still won't give in,been at it for to long,mite lose the plot a bit,jumping up and down waveing my arms and landing net about,running up and down the bank at night shinening a tourch at every thing that makes a ripplei,yes i think i have lost the plot,,love it really. keep it blue

22-11-2001, 14:19
In my experience of winter baiting and tufties, the only way you'll get any peace is to find another area nearby that you reckon the fish will visit and start baiting there instead.

Once those irritating little birds find bait, especially in the winter they seldom go away until all of the bait's gone and even then they continue to check the spots for a week or so after the bait has stopped going in.
If you can find a snaggy area nearby I've found they seldon dive right in the snag, perhaps round the edges but often, they keep away from under the bushes themselves.

22-11-2001, 14:33
tell us about your very special fish.

22-11-2001, 14:55
Post deleted by IanWelch

22-11-2001, 15:05
I have had problems with tufties on my lake for the past couple of seasons, but saying that i have laso caught when they have been diving over my bait, so the carp obviously arent too scared of them!
Earlier this year i was fishing a 2 nighter and on the second afternoon i had a drop back (usually an indication of a tuftie!) and there had been a few tufties right over my bait. Anyway i picked up the rod, wound down, carried on winding and felt a solid lump! Lovely! 23lb 10oz mirror!
Following morning, right hand rod this time, drop back about 5:30 (usually prime tuftie feeding time!), sure enough a couple of tufties over my spot. Picked up the rod, wound down, wham! Solid resistance again! Lovely, 19lb 10oz common!
Not saying they arent annoying though! I have also caught my fair share! Got cute little eyes though havent they! :)

22-11-2001, 15:11
Another thing, me and my mates have the shooting rights over the lake so if we get a flurry of tuftties, we will wait till dusk, load up with bismuth, and get em for the pot! :)

22-11-2001, 15:16
The thing is i did catch a tuftie the first night,and what did i do,make sure it was all right, and put it back,which you should do,the fish,well? keeping it shhhh,keeping it blue.

22-11-2001, 23:10
I would imagine that the fish are used to tufties and not distubed by them, some of the bait must get to the fish so the tuftie activity is a fish attractor, bait up, let the tufties attract the carp, bait another area for the tufties and cast your bait into the first baited area......

22-11-2001, 23:27
problems with birdlife? the heron swim on K1 - need i say any more?

never seen a beak like it in all my life...