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20-01-2005, 13:25
Hi all,

Yet another question for you. I am off to Lanzagrote for Easter with the family and wanted to take my grandad to do a bit of fishing whilst I am there. I know there is loads of sea fishing to be done there but we were actually hoping to do a bit of carp fishing. I have had a look around on the web and can't find anything. Therefore does anyone know of anywhere we can do a bit of carping whilst we are there?


The Pup

20-01-2005, 13:32
Yes, I was there on holiday last year and along with all the other organised trips was Carp fishing. Didnt go so cant help further


20-01-2005, 14:53
I went on one about five years ago and it wasnt worth it.

There was a big lad from Sheffield who picked you up in a bedford rascal 'minibus' and took you to what looked like a disused concrete swimming pool in the mountains. A few small carp and bass were in there and that was about it.

...on the other hand if the missus and kids are getting on your nerves its a smashing day out! http://www.rmcangling.co.uk/forum/images/graemlins/grin.gif

20-01-2005, 15:21
ive been to lanzarote a good few times, dont bother with the carp mate, fish off the rock groynes that jut out into the sea...

caught loads of fish, we ate the mullet we caught, we also had triggerfish, pufferfish, small flatties and i even got banged up by something that i reckon was a 'cuda.. (saw a few barracud near to where we were fishing but never actually saw what i hooked), stripped about 60 yards of line then ping!!...gutted.

anyways, fish for carp in england mate, the sea is where its at! lol

20-01-2005, 15:47
Your description about the disused swimming pool in the mountain made me chuckle Ty!
Whilst in Tenerife in September 04 on a weeks MCing work/holiday i obviously had the days to do as i pleased as all the DnB stuff was at night time.
Booked a day on one of these 'lakes' that held carp and bass and was exactly how you described. Disused swimming pool in the mountains!
Did manage to wangle out a 21 and a few pasties (all commons) but they weren't very nice fish although helped pass the time.
And being up in the mountains it rained most of the day!

20-01-2005, 16:06
In Puerto Del Carmen old town there's a few nice koi swimming around a restuarant called Giannis http://www.rmcangling.co.uk/forum/images/graemlins/grin.gif http://www.rmcangling.co.uk/forum/images/graemlins/grin.gif http://www.rmcangling.co.uk/forum/images/graemlins/grin.gif

20-01-2005, 17:02
I went to lanzarote 2 years ago but didnt like the look of the carp fishing so didnt go, if you have a free day take a ride on a camel http://www.rmcangling.co.uk/forum/images/graemlins/wink.gif http://www.rmcangling.co.uk/forum/images/graemlins/wink.gif

21-01-2005, 13:06
Cheers guys.

Looks like I will be avoiding the carp in Lanzarote this easter and saving myself for the infamous Lac De Curton in the summer.

The fishing from the rock groynes sounds interesting though. Where abouts in Lanzarote are these rock groynes. Also do you think my carp rods will be usable to catch barracudas on?

21-01-2005, 13:07
There is plenty poison chat available , im sure its right up your street !

22-01-2005, 11:19
Ey up lads, now were on the subject.
Can anyone put me on to a good charter boat on Lanzarote.
For donkey's i've wanted to catch a shark.
I have had a couple of shark sessions in the past but never came up with the goods.

The boats i have been with in the past have been [censored] to say the least.
To maney people on board and the lads running the trips just coulden't get me on the fish.
With 8 people on board you have to be lucky if you even get a chance to catch one if you can get on them.

So i'm looking for a exclusive charter boat for me and my little lady.
And someone who realey knows his shark fishing down there.



22-01-2005, 15:47
i think u can get a boat across 2 gran canria good carp fishing there