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16-11-2001, 12:22
Can anybody help me, i here through the grape vine that a club lake in newport pagnell is doing a few biggys can anyone confirm reports of 40lber being caught and how i obtain membership.

16-11-2001, 13:14
I think the lake is called Shillington, and you can obtain tickets easily by going to any local tackle shop near Newport Pagnell, and buying them there and then. As with there being a 40lber in there im not too sure but there are 30's.

16-11-2001, 13:22
heard rumours recently also, but nothing confirmed. You will struggle to find anything out, unless you start fishing there, because of all the linford anglers/mkaa anglers, your talking over hundreds of carpers in the area, suddenly hitting Newport Pagnell pits, by the way it's a lovely water. It is possible that someone has made a mistake though as a 41 has just been caught from linford 1 by newport pagnell which is debenture ticket holders only(£3500).

16-11-2001, 13:25
he means sherington pits, or as everyone calls them around here(mk) Newport Pagnell pits, don't know about 30's though, a lot is just rumour. I think it's about £28 a year, and the carp lake is known as the big pit

16-11-2001, 13:31
Jetzer if you find anything out, could you give us an email(wink, wink). As i'm looking into waters to start fishing in a couple of years time, as I intend to pull off the linford complex. Can't make mind up yet, but possibly, Hyde Lane, Willen Lake(hmmm), Brogborough, Haversham or Newport Pagnells Big pit, all rumoured to have done 30's except Hyde which has done 30's & 40's. Only for week nights though, so you won't have to fight me for a swim at weekends!

16-11-2001, 14:44
Hi all, the <A target="_blank" HREF=http://www.npfa.org.uk>Newport Pagnell</A> waters (6 lakes + river) are £26 for a season for two rods or and extra £15 for a third rod on the 'Big Pit'.
I was there last weekend and only saw a couple of anglers up there.
The weed on there this year was horrendous and made fishing really hard going.
Finding/locating the fish is tricky and the water isn't easy.
The lads on there are sound as a pound, certainly made me feel welcome, a bit cagey with the info, but so would anyone putting in that much effort on a not-so-easy water.

16-11-2001, 15:25
Dan, also looking for new waters at the mo, Tried Brogbough very hard but had fish to 25. Tried Startops a few 20s caught, Looked at Hyde Lane word is that the 40 has dropped wait and is 35ish!!!! found towing tackle!!!! nice lake but a closed shop tried for somtime but can't get in. No night fishing unless you live in the dedicated area, syndicate is made up of in the area lads a bit clicky but your best chance is being recomended by an exsisting member! and i don't no any!! So i think its off to Newport i go.

18-11-2001, 18:10
I have fished the Bigpit most of this year, as the Gaffer says very weedy this year but it seems to come and go in a yearly cycle.With regards to a forty this year I would be very surprised , most of the time it has just been me and a mate having the lake to ourselves.and we have not heard or seen of anything around this size but some very nice carp to be caught if you can find them.Lovely water shame about the bream ,huge shoals of the slimey things. The rumour of the forty has been around for about years and could well have done but there was a fish kill in the lake about 8 years ago so who knows ?
Membership is pretty open go to most tackle shops in MK , although for a three rod ticket you have to send your permit to the chairman.
Very much a mystery water , PM if you want more info on this or Haversham as I have only pulled of there this year for the first time in 5 years.

20-11-2001, 10:21
GAS, has Fred been doing anytime on there this year? how's he getting on?

20-11-2001, 13:54
Have not met a Fred down there this year, the only consistent faces have been the Gaffer,Desperate Dan and Pete and me and my mates.
Even Dave King has been noted by his absence down there this year.
As you are local to MK I would defientley give this and Haversham a lookin , Haversham can still through up a very big surprise if you have got the time and patience.

20-11-2001, 13:57
GAS, does the Desperate Dan you mention live in Dunstable????


20-11-2001, 14:03
Yes I believe so , aka Gary , wrote the guest chapter in Clarke's book.

20-11-2001, 14:52
Fred And Luke were on there last season, caught a few fish.

Yeah I live near newport pagnell, pratically opposite linford complex.

10-06-2004, 17:00
Hello greg,
Its Little Jim ive seen you a couple of times on hte bigun in Newport. I play cricket wiv robbo platten. Hows the fishing? Much out of the bigun? Dave King says its pretty tough at the mo. I gonna join haversham in the coming weeks wat u know bout the place it looks awesome and some of the fish are crackers m8. Wat have you had out of there? Goona do a nite on Dovecote tnight bin doing a bit of prebaiting so see what happens.
Little Jim

10-06-2004, 17:03
Hello m8 its jim. Ive seen you a couple of times on the bigun in newport. Im a m8 of robbo platten. Hows the fishing? The bigun producing anything i havent fished it in ages bin on dovecote. Im gonna join Haversham in a few weeks. Wat can you tell me about it? Youve hada 30 out of there wat backup fish hav you had and why did you pull off it looks awesome and can use boats to row out wat more can you ask for. Quality.