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22-01-2001, 20:55
to paulm and sallers have you got any more info on nelsons. like whats the biggest fish that youve herd of come out of there this season .ive heard that there has been at least 4 thirtys to35

23-01-2001, 02:26
Check you're private email


23-01-2001, 20:42
mini murph water beach massise hows it going bert .of course i know murph . what u up to man

24-01-2001, 12:17
i can only presume that this is Mr lightning strike himself,what do you know about nelsons and abbotts then matey,me and bovis are gonna take a look around this weekend,i thought you were still sitting it out on that little half acre lake in hitchin
waiting for moby or whatever its called to pick up your boiled spud or whatever it is your using.hooded preists are thinking about abbotts and nelsons so any info you have will be quite usefull
keep it high vaultage

24-01-2001, 18:31
ha ha it might be small but stamp of fish in there well 2 thirtys and 10 loverly mid 20s plus for nothing i cant grumble.ive had enough of monkies 450 to basicly be told where to fish and all the s*** that goes with it im moving on to pastures greener .what about u good christmas?. send me your e-mail address because wafe wants it as well .p.s are you still fishing 1 fish every 5 years dickos?

25-01-2001, 15:13
Top End of Nelsons Lake
You'll see & find the spots!
Not fished it recently though used to be good 20's in there
but thought most were netted & put in Abbotts

25-01-2001, 15:59
cheers matey were having a butchers at it this saturday.Pop down and introduce yourself if you can.
Keep it fully nelsoned