View Full Version : resist the temptation !!

06-11-2001, 13:08
when stalking a chunk under your nose and u see the bait going in and out of it's mouth how do determine when to hit it..i get this horrific picture in my head of missing the opportunity to bag a lump cuz i have hit it to early or because i have resisted hitting it and then it dont come back again..
ideas and advice needed

06-11-2001, 13:12
let them move off with it until the line tightens i've found when free lineing but i havn't been able to see them take it in.
when stalkin off the top-i always hit them straight away.

07-11-2001, 20:20
When I fish off the top I wait till the line moves, as for freelining who knows what is best...... I have caught more wiating for the fish to move away than to hit it when it first takes it....... nerve racking business is that.