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22-10-2004, 08:25
Hi all, Just making this post for your information.
A couple of mates were fishing over on Sandhurst yesterday and one of them snagged into something on the retrieve.
It turned out to be a 32lb mirror (they are new to the water so can't identify which one) it was entangled with braid and line and was trailing several backleads and leads amongst this tangled mess. In effect it was pretty much doomed, they managed to bank it and after a bit of care it swam away fairly strongly under the circumstances, so all is well we hope.
The lads wanted to pass this info on so I was elected to do it for them.
Once this info has been noted by the admin and passed on, please feel free to remove this post if it is felt right to do so.
best regards,

22-10-2004, 11:35
Cheers for the info steve .was it a mirror ? what swim was your mate fishing ? we havenÂ’t had much of an issue with tethered fish as most anglers who visit are of a reasonable standard (fishing locked up to snags etcÂ…) unfortunately people do have crack-offs now and again so a few fish will be trailing rigs . Rest assured that most snaggy areas on the hurst are very visible from the bank and as the lake is busy, snagged carp often get seen and released. All we ask is if you do see a snagged fish please inform a bailiff to assist you.

22-10-2004, 20:33
Hi Ian/Dave,
No dodgy rigs involved I'm pleased to say Ian, but 3 of the five lines were braided lines and the fish was totally wrapped up with the braid.
They were fishing from the pipe swim and next door to it Dave... They blanked, but after seeing the quality of the mirror (Dave http://www.rmcangling.co.uk/forum/images/graemlins/wink.gif) they saved they aim to return this Winter for another crack at the venue...
I'd already told them about the quality fish in Sandy, but seeing is believing I s'pose eh! http://www.rmcangling.co.uk/forum/images/graemlins/grin.gif

All's well that ends well!