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16-10-2001, 18:36
I'm looking to buy a set of rods in the near future but after reading up, looking in the mags etc I now don't know what to go for.
I don't fish at long range at the moment but would like a rod that could chuck a little. I realise that there is no real all-round rod but would like something near this.

£500 ish to spend.
I was looking at 12' 23/4lb.
Hopefully to last a long time.

Any thoughts??

16-10-2001, 18:59
Nick Buss's X-lites are as good as they get and fit within your price, give him a call, if you want the number PM me..
Happy Carping

17-10-2001, 09:09
I'll second that !!

17-10-2001, 09:26
Or you could look at some of Mr Parkers Arbitrators, or the Tails-up rods, Nirvanas I think they're called.

17-10-2001, 13:04
Thanks for the recomendation Paul. If anyone's interested our offer on the web site(www.tailsup.co.uk) still stands. In fact the first batch come in at the end of the week
Best of luck

17-10-2001, 13:23
Id go for Harrisons mate they are the dogs./images/forum/icons/smile.gif/images/forum/icons/smile.gif/images/forum/icons/smile.gif

17-10-2001, 13:31
both the new ESP rods are (very) pukka - depends what you like in the way of cosmetic finishes to blank - full duplon, etc, etc...
I've got the 12'9's and can't fault em.....


17-10-2001, 15:20
Go for Tony Parkers Arbitrators!
They are the dogs do das!