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18-01-2001, 14:13
Since becoming a daddy for the second time earlier this year (must find out whats causing it!) my fishing time has become pretty scarce, so one way to get out is to drop the sprogs off at nannys for the day then disappear for a few hours dangling. Now nanny lives just outside Chelmsford so Chigborough and Boreham are in my reach, but at this time of year both venues can be pretty quiet, so does anyone know of any day ticket stretches of the Chelmer worth trying? Or any other rivers/streams etc.


19-01-2001, 15:52
I fished Sandford Mill on the Chelmer quite a few times, the roach tend to shoal up there in the winter, its day ticket also.
Best swims tended to be the straight before the first bend or walk down to the bottom end where another river runs in.