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24-09-2001, 22:20
Hi Mark..... you couldn't do any better than purchasing an RMC coverall permit, look at the <A target="_blank" HREF=http://www.rmcangling.co.uk/venues.phtml> venue pages</A> it's all on there.... if you see a couple of venues you like the look of you can then do a search on the forum and find stacks of info for all your needs.

As for tackle there are many sites online which you can browse through and also don't forget the sale/swap board on this Forum.... all the best of luck and success with your return matey.

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25-09-2001, 11:42
The RMC Frimley complex is on your doorstep - four lakes to choose from in idylic surroundings each containing a good head of fish - no night fishing - check times on the venue details on this site - but plenty seem to be caught during the day.. available on the Group permit or on it's own - excellent value. Tight Lines - El Tee