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15-01-2001, 20:16
hi pobert,
sorry to hear about your lose, there a..eholes.
be lucky
jim shelley
keeping it british.

15-01-2001, 20:18
Have you (or not trying to be rude here your parents if you arent old enough) got contents insurance? I have just changed mine so that I am covered for my fishing tackle. I specifically asked to be covered for when I am out fishing as well. It didnt cost the earth, especially compared to how much it would cost to replace all my tackle if I had it stolen.

Hope this helps a bit,

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15-01-2001, 20:18
Sorry to hear about the theft but my gear stays in the house so the dog can guard it.

15-01-2001, 21:17
The guys are right mate, I am sorry to hear about your loss, when you contact the insurance company make sure you tell them it is "all risks" this means that it is insured inside your house and anywhere else you are, there is a clause about it being in a car, it must be covered over or out of site, bear this in mind if you have the unfortunate thing happen to you again. One other thing you need to do is make an itenary of all your tackle, I did when I took out the insurance on mine especially if you are insuring tackle you have owned for a while and have not any receipts for and send it to the insurance company. This saves a lot of hassel if you have to calim. One other thing to ask them is if they do a new for old replacment on the claims. Hope this is of help.