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15-01-2001, 18:32
I like that post about the rods.

So what reels are you using at the moment and Y.

May invest soon, so tell me your thoughts??

Dave R

15-01-2001, 18:46
Last year I used my Shimano GT 4000's and they were well good for what I wanted. This year though I was well impressed with a pair of Browning baitrunners that I had bought for a year or two back but then got the baitrunners so I didnt really use them.

They are much lighter than the Shimanos and they cast a bait much more smoothly. The only fault I have with them is that they would be better with a rear drag instead of the one at the front. This may be a personal thing but I find it much easier to adjust the clutch from the back when playing a fish than the front. That is the only fault though apart from that they are the bees knees and loads cheaper too.


PS I also have a pair of the Mitchell free spool reels which are also really cheap. The problem with these reels however is that the free spool facility is engaged by pushing the spool towards the butt of the reel. Once this is engaged it has a totally free running spool and I found this a problem. Also the free running aspect would sometimes be difficult to engage as you had to have the spool in the right position. It would also switch itself off sometimes too. The reel is lovely though if you dont want a free spool system.

15-01-2001, 19:40
If I use any reel for distance it has to be my Shimano aerlex, I have 2 of them I use for sea fishing, never known a reel to cast so well and retrieve, the only thing is they are heavy, no baitrunner facility, the only thing good about them is they can be locked up drag wise as you have to have a locked drag when using heavy weights at distance.


16-01-2001, 14:52
At the moment i'm using shimano 45OO (8 years old though), so they are getting a bit run-down. I know shimano can recondition them, but is this worth it or not??

As spare reels I use Daiwa Emblem 4000T. These make good marker or spodding reels.