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23-08-2001, 10:08
I have located a lake in my local area that receives virtually no angling pressure and I know for a fact that no-one carp fishes it!!! I have made a few visits and have located some nice looking carp but wondered what approach I should take. Do I pile the bait in for a few weeks in a few likely looking areas and then fish or do I take a stealth approach and stalk the fish out???? I know for a fact that the bank I will be fishing from has never seen any anglers!!!

23-08-2001, 10:28
stalk em first with naturals/paste then fill it in with hemp/tigers
dont suppose you'll tell us where the lake is???

23-08-2001, 11:45
Time for the hemp and sweetcorn methinks!!

23-08-2001, 11:50
oi Mark sshh u will be giving them my secret dip ideas soon..personally i totally agree get the hemp and corn out.