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13-02-2004, 18:37
x2 Shakespeare Tetra 3lb t/c rods for sale, Unfortunately!!! Have to part with them because I wanted a third but no tackleshop in the UK has any!!!! £110. The Pair.

PM Please

13-02-2004, 21:41
my local tackle shop has loads of old stock of shakespeare i can ask for you if you like

13-02-2004, 22:07

Are these the old and slim ones ?


14-02-2004, 09:20
Yep thats right mate. The old and slims ones that are utra hard to get hold of!! I tryed every tackle shop in the uk and and even shakespeare direct and no joy!!! It's a real shame because I love the rods to pieces but I'm afraid to say that I can't fish with one miss-matched rod! If you fish with 3 rods then they have to be matching!! [ Bit of tacke tart still in me!] Lol!

If your interested let me know! Offers?

15-02-2004, 17:32
Why dont u try and get 1 custom made to the same preferances m8? http://www.rmcangling.co.uk/forum/images/graemlins/smile.gif

15-02-2004, 19:38
the shop near me has them but only 2lb test curve

20-02-2004, 18:30
Still got then! Offers?