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10-01-2001, 17:31
Hi lads just a quick question to all of those who role your own bait?
How do you go about it and is it cheaper then buying the boiles from the various tackle firms.
Alll posts appreciated
Your mate Lofte

10-01-2001, 18:31
LOFTE, i have made my own base mix which i mix and use ,i made about 40 killos this year ,i chop alot of my bait when baiting up as it takes less time ,it can work out cheaper to make your own from company base mixers and you can put in what you want, try it

10-01-2001, 21:42
i roll my own bait (i use the same base mix as ian) and it does work out considerably cheaper than buying pre-rolled bait - in the long run! there is an initial spend on equipment (gun, rolling tables, flavours etc) but these last a relatively long time if you choose wisely. it gives you the freedom to alter the bait to suit your requirements - more or less flavour depending on the circumstance, different sizes and colours, different textures, different breakdown times etc

it does take up a fair bit of time though. i usually do one evening a week with a mate, and in about 5 hours we can mix, roll, boil and dry about 4kg of finished bait. bigger rolling tables would probably increase our output, but the additional spend raises the overall cost of the bait.

it also feels pretty good knowing that you make a bait from scratch that the fish actually like and eat!

10-01-2001, 22:08
I used to make boilies for myself and for others and it does feel good using home made baits and catching on them. I found in the end though that the time I spent making them (I got up to fifty kilos a day) was becoming too much. Arms like popeye didnt hurt though lol.

Anyhow if you are making more sensible amounts it does work out cheaper and if you get a mate to help you with it (meaning that you both use the same bait and make it together) then you can have a laugh at the same time.

17-03-2001, 21:49

What do you put in to make your base mix?


17-03-2001, 21:59
Depends on what you want..... lots of answers to this one !!


17-03-2001, 22:07
Can you give me a example of what you would put in?


18-03-2001, 21:36
This could take a whole book to answer that.
If your looking for a cheap bait on a small budjet than try this little jem.

Put 16oz of trout pellets into a blender and grind them down into a fine dry powder.
Add a small amount of semolina( from all supermarkets ) to make the bait easily roll.
Once you have done that and mixed your crushed pellets with your semolina you have a very cheap base mix.
Add about 5ml of your choosen flavour
Add around 3-5ml of sweetner.

There you have a bait which does actually work and will cost around £1.50 a kilo to make.

Hope this helps mate.

18-03-2001, 21:51

Do you use it?


18-03-2001, 23:21
No I dont but It realy does work.
Its cheap to make.
I used to use it when I first started fishing but not anymore.
Try it out.

18-03-2001, 23:26

Can you add other thinks like particuls etc?


18-03-2001, 23:30

Also how much is sweetner?


19-03-2001, 01:23
Open queston that one ....eh.

All depends on the make and ammount.....get down your local shop and have a dig about, im sure they'll be happy to help you.

ps.....If you really not sure about bait and ingrediants then get yourself a copy of Ken Townley book Called Carp Baits....

Paulm /images/forum/icons/wink.gif

19-03-2001, 13:11

Carp eat groundbait,and a lot of it......wonder why more carp anglers don't use it?!
A cheap base mix involves just adding eggs to the grounbait to make them hard after boiling....Da Da!
Most groundbaits,especially carp orientated and continental ones,have all the additives already.

My tip is to mix a bag of Dynamite Baits pellet groundbait,(£3.50),with eggs,boil away...and start heaving 'em in!!
Add flavour if you want.......


20-03-2001, 00:30

Thanks for everybodys help.


06-05-2003, 13:07
</font><blockquote><font class="small">In reply to:</font><hr />
Add a small amount of semolina( from all supermarkets ) to make the bait easily roll.

[/ QUOTE ]

I would tend to keep clear of semolina http://www.rmcangling.co.uk/forum/images/graemlins/blush.gif