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24-11-2016, 18:49
Interested to hear your views on the below please......

"Smelly Baits In Flood Work Better - Myth Or Fact?

I have received a few messages from people asking for my thoughts regarding a big smelly bait during a flood.

Does it work better, they ask...

I am yet to find any actual proof that it does. Barbel (much like carp) are not triggered to feed, nor able to distinguish smell, through high levels of flavouring. This is most certainly not the catalyst to catching in or out of flood.

A smell merely enables an angler to feel confident in their bait.

A barbel will find any hook bait whether it's highly flavoured, or not.

A lot of the thoughts regarding how they find your hook bait was covered in my latest blog.

Simply put, an active barbel is a catchable barbel.

It's definitely true that some baits are better than others during this time as you're providing what they need in their diet at this point.

This isn't just solely reserved for floods though, it's something that barbel do throughout the season.

If something don't work today, it may work tomorrow etc.

I don't necessarily believe that a big obtrusive bait will catch more then a less obtrusive one.

People change their whole philosophy in catching these fish during a flood and think it needs a total different approach when in fact the opposite is true.

You may only need a bigger lead (up to 8oz) but using any bigger - you're in the wrong place.

Flavouring baits heavily only serves a purpose for the angler, the actual evidence does not support this reason for catching barbel in flood, or at any other time.

Some flavourings can be more acceptable than others of course, this could be by association or a chemical found in that product but certainly not the actual smell.

High dosage of flavouring is in my view a waste of money and will not catch you more then a less flavoured bait.

A barbel will not sit there eating your banana twist & chocolate malt boilie and think I am eating it because it smells nice. It's not how it works, nor how they perceive any bait.

The content within that particular bait is what they're looking for in their diet. The nutritional benefits - the trigger being merely the bait itself and its soluble content.

Lipids such as fatty-soluble vitamins are also very good at this time.

Meat which is a firm favourite in floods are high in protein and vitamin b6 and b12 which is a soluble liquid. This is in my opinion why meat scores well during the floods. Protein is used to build muscle and repair damaged tissue, vitamin b6 and b12 has all sorts of different benefits in the body including metabolism and keeping blood cells healthy.

As a bait developer and for development it's important for me to understand why and what works, when so we can provide a balanced bait that works all-year round.

When you look at the evidence why things work, it often gives you a clear indication as to why. Flavouring does not have any nutritional benefits, nor a trigger for any response.

As a bait company it's important that we do not dupe our customers with a flavouring that promises you that this alone will catch you fish. The dietary needs of a carp or barbel and all that it contains are supplemented into the base ingredients. This is the catalyst to a good bait, not how good, bad or indifferent it smells.

I could make a 50/50 mix of soya and semolina that will roll well and stink to high heaven, costing 1 a kilo to make and sell for 9.50 - would you know any different? Although it doesn't contain additional supplements and it won't catch you many fish, are you concerned, because if it smells the part, it should work, right? Wrong...

This is not what 3 F T are about, although some companies out there are (not that you'll know).

Do not get bogged down in thinking that any bait must have these massive amounts of flavouring in floods, or otherwise to catch barbel, they don't and it's very naive to think so.

Many of these high flavoured baits are there to mask the nutritional imperfections of the bait, not to be better than anything else.

Multiple catches on these baits are in spite of its high inclusions, certainly not because of its inclusion.

It pays to be honest in this industry and we will always fairly price our products and be honest in their performance.

That being said we sell boosted packs, which is not a highly or over flavoured bait - soluble amino acids and liquid foods are incorporated. Very little flavouring is used which equates to pence, the added supplements used are however fair in its pricing.

Don't be fooled people, high flavoured baits and thinking it's the answer is a myth and not a road you need to be taking."

24-11-2016, 19:13
My mate catches them on normal baits in flood conditions.a little stick mix or bag of chops and away he goes...and catches quite well regardless !!

But.......there's a couple of issues on floodwater barbel though. If you caught in such conditions was it because of the baits you used...or was it the area you were fishing in those flood conditions eg slack water ??

Personally I wouldn't bother going over the top flavouring certain baits.just think you have to find the holding areas and keep a bit of bait trickling in for a scent trail

24-11-2016, 21:55
We smell - fish have a much more efficient olfactory system that in fact forms the largest part of their brain. Don't smell --- not like us but they do.

""Through the Fish's Eye"" by Sosin and Clarke - edited and foreword by Fred J Taylor.

An excellent read on all fish behaviour and quite cheap to buy.

26-11-2016, 09:25
It starts off decent enough then descends into our baits cover most of the basis and a lot of the other ones don't, typical of the way things are these days.

They're just fish searching for food whatever the species and so many variables can have an influence on getting bites, how many of us have caught plenty on not very nutritional baits ?!

Personally I only fished rivers when I was a kid but even so I soon learn't areas I'd get bites from quickly and areas I wouldn't including the different conditions etc, it's just angling.

Some flavours work and some don't, he obviously hasn't found the ones that work ?

26-11-2016, 13:16
Have fished on the rivers a lot and still do. I always use JB frost and floor at Normal levels. Works for me but then again I move around to find the fish.

TBH the only thing I have ever high flavoured is hookbaits soaked in neat betalin which works very very well. Blackcurrent and almond more resently and that's work well.

28-11-2016, 23:11
The most effective barbel bait I've ever come across is a fishmeal based paste containing no artificial flavours at all - although the ingredients themselves have a strong smell of their own. If using pastes, attraction values can be boosted by playing around with the break-down factor.

Agree entirely with the post on location and 'pick-up spots'. Can be absolutely critical, though in flood conditions you're often limited to the near margins.