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07-01-2001, 22:08
Just wanted to know what your most memorable moments were this year whether they were funny or a fish you caught etc.
Mine was probably stalking a 20lb fully scaled and then a 22lb8 mirror.

07-01-2001, 22:11
Mine was taking a 14lb rainbow trout off the top with a daddy in september. Also catching a 1lb 2oz dace on the fly at shepperton on the thames.


07-01-2001, 22:15
My 6lb 7oz Chub last week.Not deserved but the fish of a life time.Probably better than my first 30lb carp because it means more in as much as it is a rarer specimen.

07-01-2001, 22:33
So far it has to be a new PB Barbel that I caught from Burghfield back in November... my first winter barbel trip to this venue and only my third trip ever !

Hopefully there will be plenty more to remember this season, especially as I want to get a decent Roach and have some Grayling days in the pipeline ! All this on top of the usual barbel outings /images/forum/icons/smile.gif


07-01-2001, 23:25
Well there have been a few over the years,but as this the carp site it has to be my first 20lb carp.
It was 1962 I was sixteen and as keen as mustard, a group of us went down to a Exeter club water which could be fished on a weekly ticket.
I cannot remember it's name but the site had two very deep quaries,one a Trout water the other Carp.
The choosen bait was bread and sweetcorn, we selected our swims and set about ground baiting them.
After two days no one had had a bite but I perserved ,on the third night my silver paper hit the butt ring and I played a lovely 21lb mirror to the net.
Paul my mate had a 19lb fish on the last day of our trip and we all got very merry on scrumpy.
So my first 20+carp,my first trip away with the lads and the first time I got drunk.
Happy days.

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08-01-2001, 18:56
My favourite moment was in august when i lost a 30 at manor on my first time there but then catching a gorgeus 20lb leather 30 minutes later. All off the top.
Tight lines

08-01-2001, 19:06
My most memorbale moment was hooking the fully scaled in the specimen at Twynersh at the time it would have been my new PB at a weght of 25lb but it got snaged up for ten minutes and then came out which is when I got a look at it then the hook pulled on the edge of the net I must have stood shouting at the water for five minutes before puting the rod out again others were my first twenty from the match lake at Twynersh at a weight of 22lb 8oz going by the name of Munch and capturing a 23lb mirror off the surface on pit two at the complex and wining the junior fish -in at Horseshoe and at the same time setting my current PB of 28lb 4oz.

08-01-2001, 19:50
I meant most memorable moment this year, my most memorable moment ever was when I caught my first 20 I stalked it off the top.
We had been watching this gorgeous chestnut coloured common patrolling round a thick weed bed all day. It always came out for a quick munch on the floating pellets then disapeared anyway I managed to get a good cast in from a very tight angle with trees all around me and no sooner had I done it when she came out and started gobbling up all the freebes before slowly approaching mine, having a quick sniff then bolting off with it into the weed, I managed to get her out and after a nice fight I unhooked her and weighed her in at 20 dot on. About 2 hrs after that my best mate caught his first 20 a lovely 20 12 mirror.

09-01-2001, 19:36
Most memorable this year was on St Johns, one day nothing, immaculate 16lb Linear in the night then up at 3 am.

I was watching the fish cruising early but couldn't get a take off the top on 8lb line so (as there are NO Snags) i went down to a 6lb leader.

Bang, immaculate 15lb 10oz Mirror, fought like ******y for about 20 minutes on such light line.

Anyway, photo's done & back to it, re-cast, massive bow wave and I'm in again.

In the very clear water the fish looked about 19lb, I played into the margins and by the width on it's back started to worry, it looked a lot bigger than 19lb.

I could stop it going but couldn't put enough pressure on to get it to the top to net it, after another 15 minutes in she came, the most immaculate 25lb Common and a PB Common.

09-01-2001, 20:37
My most memorable moment this year was at a club lake in Northamptonshire.
I arrived at the lake at 6.30pm, there is a footpath across a dam at the end of this pool where the public feed ducks with loads of bread.
My first job was to put in some mashed up bread,hemp and DT21 boilies.
This completed, I set about the tackle Harrison 23/4 Ballistas, 15lbSoft Steel, In line leads,Stiff rigs to DT21 pop-ups wrapped around with bread flake.
You have to fish from the side to fish next to the dam wall, which is what I did.
The first rod was cast out next to the wall, the rod was placed on the pod and the Delkim adjusted, as I went to clip up the Steve Neville swinger the line was pulled from my hand.
The rod turned to the left and I was into a good carp, after a good fight the carp slid into the landing net, it was a leather carp I had not caught for three years and it weighed in at 311/4lbs.
I sacked it up and recast the rod into the same spot, this time the rod was pulled round before I had time to put the rod down.
It turned out to be a mirror of 23lb in perfect condition, it went into another sack.
Out went the rod again; I had time to sort out my other rods and put up the oval before the first rod was of again.
This time the carp fought like a demon and I had to go in to net it, the carp weighed 251/2lbs and was the lakes well known common.
It had taken me 11/2hrs to catch three very old Leney carp which in the past had taken years to catch.
Funny old world isn't it.

Bob Hornegold

09-01-2001, 22:14
And everyone says I'ma lucky so and so.

10-01-2001, 12:43
My memorable catch was from the River Wey when after barbel. After a few hours fishing with meat I had the tiniest of tremors on the tip and struck into a brick wall.
The reason was I had hooked a carp of over 10lb who decided after some consideration,(hence the unmovable 'brick wall'),to vacate the swim!
The reason I remember it was that the carp took the mick by pretending to crash into snags before stopping,changing it's mind ,and roaring to the next one......I had NO control on 4lb line,( I hadn't caught a barbel then and didn't know how hard they pull!).
It then decided that it may be possible to reach the Thames a few miles away and proceeded to disappear off into the distance taking my line through pads,weeds,brambles and trees as it went round the corner and away.
I remember it 'cause I thought it was the biggest barbel in the world and I managed to get it in!
It kindly removed all the line from the various sangs as it fought its way back to the net.
Gutted it wasn't a barbel.....but dead chuffed with my biggest carp at the time....it was a football with fins!