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07-01-2001, 18:04
What do you think the best british carp capture of the year has been?

07-01-2001, 18:18
Any 25lb + fish never been caught before


07-01-2001, 19:33
I dont know of a best but I could name a few well deserved captures.
Pete Bond's capture of Bazil, all Jim Shellys fish especially the big linear, Little Johns success on the car park lake, Chillys success this year especially as he has limited time and has just started fishing after a 2 month break.
Garry Harrows fish at crayfish pool, Dave Levy at walthamstow , Derek Rance on Wraysbury and all Terry Hearns fish .
Theres also loads and loads of other great catches that dont get reported to the press and a good capture doesnt have to be a 40 or 50, but a good well deserved English fish, Not those sh***y imports, I cant stand all those idiots who catch a 40 from somewhere like lac du D*r*n*h and send it in to every magazine in the country thinking theyre like Terry Hearn or Jim etc because theyve had 6 forties in a season from some over stocked lake full of imports.
Keep it real

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07-01-2001, 19:47
You missed out a friend of mine, Simon Davey. What a first season he's had on horton. The best being the Parrot..


07-01-2001, 20:34
afew more, alan dodsfor sonning eye ,martin clarke 2 40+ fish summerleze ,just recently the best i think, paul sheilds 36+41+48+ from dinton in a wheel chair lovely bloke loves his fishing well done paul

07-01-2001, 21:12
i think that ricky pearson's 30lb linear from theale deserves a mention...! it's one of the best looking fish i have seen in a long time.

07-01-2001, 21:37
I forgot to mention Dave Mallin and everyone else.
That 30lb linear was a stunner

07-01-2001, 22:15
For anyone who hasn't seen the 30lb linear from Theale, it in the Masterclass section under the heading of 'Carping at Theale'.

A stunning looking fish it is too !



07-01-2001, 22:41
Got to be Dave Mallins capture of the linear from the mire. Total dedication on his part, said he was going to sit on there untill he caught it and did exactly that, well done.
Also Jim Shelleys capture of the 48 from Drayton, another bloke with total dedication, deserves everything he catches, nice one mate, hope for a piece myself in the spring.

10-01-2001, 18:26
in the answers here are some of the top carp angles in the country the cream of the cream ,what they ALL have in common every one of them namned is THEY ALL KEEP IT REAL ,every one of them ,KEEP IT REAL BOYS.....

10-01-2001, 18:54
One other thing they all have in common is a lot of time on the bank, an extraordinary amount of time on the bank.... as they say if you are there you will catch & if you are not you won't.


11-01-2001, 19:06
not true tony some of them only fish week ends ,saturday night or 1-2 mid week nights ,they are just good ,work hard ,thinking ,lucky anglers