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07-01-2001, 13:53
I have noticed a lot of people at my local water have stopped surface fishing and have gone to the sit behind your rods all day tactic even in the Summer when the air temp is about 30c and the water is just as hot and all you can see is shoals of carp on the top but still they sit board out of their skulls waiting for a bleep on their alarms so is surface fishing dieing out and are more people just sitting there on the bank missing out on a chance of a life time I saw the same thing at Horseshoe in August the temp was about 28c and the guy I fished with said to go straight to bottom fishing I went agaist what he said and I probably hooked the first fish of the event because I used a surface tactic and then switched to the bottom later that night I did loose the fish but it boosted my confidence and I could not wait untill the next morning.So what style do you prefer in the Summer bottom or surface?

07-01-2001, 14:28
I much prefer surface fishing because you can watch the carp taking your bait. I recon its one of the most exciting methods of carping and one of the most effective. I think that most people don't fish on the surface because they aren't very good at it or they were not prepared for it.
Check out Friskies cat food as the carp haven't seen it before and go mad for it. Although it doesn't pult very far you can go around this by putting some in a small pva bag with a stone in it for weight.
In the summer i will always look to floater fish with 'normal' carping in reserve. It also tends to fool the wiser fish if you feed them up first.
tight lines

07-01-2001, 15:40
I catch most of my summer carp on the surface. Last year I had some lovely twenties on floating crust and the year before I had over sixty on a bolt rigged controller. I may well try those pellets you mention though they sound great.

07-01-2001, 16:13
I have only ever surface fished for Carp, I have a lot of success with my fly rod as I can cast a floater very accurately and to a distance of 25 - 30yds with no splash what so ever, no weight or controller float. I use all sorts of floating baits from tiny peas to chum mixers, I use 8lb mono and have never been snapped up by a carp & caught over 8 20's using this method. The fight is amazing to say the least. If I use conventional tackle I use a 1 3/4 TC rod and a Waggler float, 2ssg with all the shot at the float, a 6 to 8' leader, you wont miss a positive take as you can see the float go under, it sinks the leader as well.


07-01-2001, 17:51
I catch most of my surface carp with a semi-fixed Fox bubble float, the carp seem to like this and they even try eating it!
I've had 2 twenties on it this season and broke out of a thirty from the manor. I use tesco mixers as they are better then the pedigree ones.
Tight lines

07-01-2001, 20:17
as a person with limited time i spend alot of time stalking ,and have caught some very nice fish ,on just simple free lined bread ,chum ,to float fished chum and cork balls alot of the fish come in 1 hour then its of home and the wife non the wiser
for 2 years running ive had a 20+ mirror of the top in febuary so they can be caught in the cold,its one of the most under rated and under used method which suits me

07-01-2001, 22:28
In the 40s, 50s and 60s floating crust and balanced crust was the most sucessfull way to catch carp, althrough the methods have changed surface fished baits still account for huge numbers of carp.
If you see carp feeding on the surface this has to be the number 1 method at any time of the year.

Bob Hornegold

08-01-2001, 19:12
Good to see the method of surface fishing has not died out and people hav'nt traded their surface fishing rods for bite alarms and remember catching a carp on the surface is somthing you never forget.
Keep it real.
Keep it on the surface.

08-01-2001, 20:01
I love surface fishing and have caught more 20s on the surface this year than on the bottom. Its definately a good skill to learn and if you can get good at it youll always be 1 step ahead of the buzzer boys if the time is right. What about stalking under the surface? I think thats just as fun and effective.

09-01-2001, 08:19
Surface fishing has to be one of the most exciting ways to fish! Make the most of when others cannot be bothered to try it in summer, it's easier when there's only your bait floating about!

Cheapskate angler

09-01-2001, 19:21
Well it seems I was wrong there are loads of people who still surface fish its not only a good way to fish it is part of the learning process it shows how the fish react to bait but there is still many things we don't know about carp which I don't think any one has worked out yet and surface fishing is a big step to finding out about these big fighting machines which live under the water so the next time your sat looking at your buzzers and there are shoals of carp on top just take some bait and start learning about the fish we all love to catch.