View Full Version : split lake carp history. anyone?

19-09-2013, 08:24
being one for liking the odd waters of which i know nothing about, can anyone give an insight into the split lakes carp history?

i dont know if its just me but i bet it is quite chequered given the lakes surrounding it. no doubt a few 'unwanteds' have found their way into the place over the years. a bit like the nursery, a great lake but potentially a dumping ground for the less desirables perhaps??

obviously the redmire commons arrived over in yateley in the mid 90s, of which there are some in there for sure. but any other carp info would be cool. just because its a bit of an odd one.

23-09-2013, 11:24
I'm thinking you'll have to fish it to find out.

Historically it received several stockings in the 90's (including the cats in 93,) a few carp were added when the North lake was drained and all those fish were coming good in the 2000's when more fish were stocked, also the weed was killed. A lot of fish died, 50+ I would estimate.

It wasn't known at the time which fish died and which survived so, unless someone is in the know about more recent captures the current stocks are a bit of a mystery (and I imagine that's the way they like it.)

23-09-2013, 11:37
It had some fish in "back in the day" and has received fish when the Match received it's stockies, as well as the redmire commons. I think a few of the fish that went into the Horseshoe and Pump in the 90s found their way in, as did some of the Moulsham fish which were being moved about. Short answer - no one knows 100% what's in there these days, but it's fun trying to find out.

23-09-2013, 11:55
thats how i like it tbh. done 8 nights on there now for 7 takes with one loss. just been lucky with dropping onto fish a few times i think. was kinda more interested in the mirrors etc in there as im not much of a commons man, but safe to say they look nice too.