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16-06-2013, 08:32
I'm looking for a new water in the midlands area as my last one has just been lost by the angling club. It was a large pit and not fished that extensively so it is a shame to lose such a great water. It needn't be a club water a reasonably priced syndicate would be good.
Any ideas would would be gratefully accepted.
PM me if that is preferable.
Thanks in advance.:confused:

17-06-2013, 05:17
What is it your looking for from the new lake?

17-06-2013, 13:53
I'm not looking for a runs water or banks that are too busy. Hopefully the latter will not be too much of an issue as I normally try to fish during the week keeping weekends for family stuff. Just somewhere with some decent fish to go after.
Hope this is not too vague.