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11-06-2013, 22:07
I recently did a search on my phone in iTunes for fishing pod casts to have a listen to, there's a fair few on there by the only carpy ones I could find were 3 done by Chris ball. Those 3 were a great listen and I really enjoyed them!
Do any of you guys know if there's any more decent ones out there to listen to??

12-06-2013, 12:43
Not sure if it's available for apple but Beyondpod (I have it on a Nexus) is a really good podcast app if you can run it?

12-06-2013, 16:41
Tight lines

12-06-2013, 17:58
not necessarily carpy but some great podcasts here:


Mr Ted
12-06-2013, 21:35
Had old tape of dick walker and Fred Taylor .dick discussing his successful approach to fishing dagenham lake and talking about the capture of Clarissa and the fundamentals of fishing saying that he can take up to six hours to find the fish but on no account did he blank for the cameras. Fred Taylor also saying how he met dick walker after writing him a letter gently disagreeing with an article dick wrote. Very atomspheric. P.s dick walker can be heard on desert island discs

17-06-2013, 21:52
Iv tried to get that mouse man but it looks like I can't run it on my iPhone. it will have to be podcasts about the river wile im at work if there's no other decent carpy ones about.
Cheers for your replies guys!

17-06-2013, 22:25
I was thinking this last night, i've already listened to the decent ones on "Fishing Facts & Tips" or whatever it's called with Chris Ball. Theres a few other decent ones if you like other species.

Fishermans Blues with Keith Arthur has a podcast, I'm pretty sure Carpology were going to launch one but it may have been a fly by idea.

I'd love to start one myself, but where the hell do you start?. You would have to get sponsored for a start as the hosting fees cost a fortune. I've featured on a non-angling one called "Anterviews" and the fella who runs that says it takes two days a week just to organise, record & edit the content of a 90min long podcast.

Plus you have to have proper microphones otherwise it sounds pony.